Saturday, January 19, 2019

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A 14-year-old girl in Sacramento put an anti-Bush message on her page. I guess it showed a picture of our president with a dagger stuck in his outstretched hand, with the words, "Kill Bush" scrawled beneath it. The girl was pissed off by the war in Iraq. She removed the message from her myspace page as soon as she learned that it's a no-no to post such material, but by then it was apparently too late. The Secret Service came by the girl's classroom a week later and aggressively questioned her. They must believe that she's a legitimate terrorist threat. Maybe they suspect that... Read More

There are about 218 million people under the line of poverty in Latin America. However, there are 132,420 volunteers ready to take the big task in their hands and to erradicate this problem. A Roof For My Country ('Un Techo Para Mi País', in Spanish) is an NGO with headquarters in Santiago, Chile that claims college students to enroll in its lines and help them to buil wooden-made basic houses ('mediagua', in Spanish) in order to give the most needed families in the continent a small but effective house to improve their standards of life. A Roof For My Country is an institution led by young... Read More

Do we truly have an independent media, or are we dependant on denial? Many events over the last few years have caused this question to come under serious consideration, not least of all the business that journalism has become behind the closed doors of corporate-owned news agencies. The readily available content of American news is decided around the board tables of these conglomerated news giants. This week gave us another hint at the choosey nature of the American media. Hugo Chavez first became president of Venezuela in 1998 and was most recently re-elected on December 3, 2006. Did you... Read More

Habeas Corpus 1670 2006 Rest In Pieces. Well, it's now official, we are screwed. I'm not sure if you noticed with all the hype over senator sex and Korean brand nukes last week, but in the fine print of most news reports just below the articles about Harry Potter's demise, and the details over the new Playstation 3, there was a small blurb about a little piece of legislation that was passed into law on the morning of October 17th. The Military Commissions Act of 2006, even George Bush agrees, is perhaps the most important law he has enacted in his six years as president. It effectively... Read More

My car has this great feature it tells me everything I could possibly want to know about my miles per gallon. At least I thought it was a great feature until I reviewed my average speed, it is 23 miles per hour. Considering the amount of highway traveling that I drive, 23 miles per hour communicates one thing, I am stuck in traffic the majority of the time. Slow moving traffic can be frustrating however it does allow you to see things you would not normally see at high speeds. One benefit of slow traffic is you have plenty of time to read bumper stickers and reflect on their meaning. Recently,... Read More

Sweatshops To understand the fact that sweatshops exist even in Los Angeles, one must understand the apparel industry system. And to understand the system, one must understand the players, so I will introduce you to the players from the top down. The Top of the System At the very top of the system are both the customer and the retailer. These two entities battle for control of the other, and create an interesting situation. The customer is you and me, and the retailer is the company that attempts to convince you and me that we need their clothing more than any other retailers’ clothing,... Read More

You may or may not have heard about Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada and the immense commotion that follows his name, particularly from the U.S. Army. But why the excitement and who is he? Back in June of 2006, Lt. Watada became the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the Iraq War because of his own personal beliefs. Initially he had joined the army "out of a desire to protect our country." However, as time passed he began reading into the conflicts with Iraq and after much "soul-searching" decided he did not want any part of it. Watada wrote a resignation to his commander.... Read More

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The Origin of Racism

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