Friday, January 18, 2019

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After weeks of speculation, South African court documents revealed that Nelson Mandela is, by all intents and purposes, dead. What followed his death is a tale of dishonesty and denial – staining the South African Government and its public institutions. It looks as if Mandela has been dead for some time. Read on...

The documents, part of a legal filing in a Mandela family dispute, reveal that doctors told the family of the former President that “He is in a permanent vegetative state and is assisted in breathing by a life support machine…The Mandela family has been advised by the medical... Read More

I do try so hard not to be a ‘cultural relativist.’ I try so hard to be tolerant of others, of the customs and practices of other peoples and other nations. But, alas, the demon of prejudice snaps even at my tolerant heels. Where I fall down and fall down badly is over the marriage customs of South Africa’s Zulus.

Actually I could not care less about the Zulus or how many wives they are allowed to take by tribal custom. My problem is with Jacob Zuma, the country’s grinningly inane Zulu president, the butt of repeated jokes when he came on a state visit to London two years ago. More... Read More

The Uganda government is set to ban 38 nongovernmental organizations because they allege that these organizations support and promote gay rights and "recruiting children into homosexuality", say Ugandan officials.

"Some NGOs, under the pretext of providing social services, are receiving funds to promote homosexuality," said Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo. "We will ask them to step aside and stop pretending to work in human rights." The organizations will lose their right to operate in Uganda. The government has yet to release the names of the organization, reports CNN news. Homosexuality... Read More

Earlier this month the African National Congress, the ANC, celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its foundation. This is the party of Nelson Mandela, terrorist come secular saint, that rules South Africa, the wonderful ‘rainbow nation’…or a sad cesspit of corruption.

The latter is certainly the view of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the country’s other secular saint, who once observed that the ANC had stopped the gravy train only long enough to get on board. Actually he may have underestimated the problem, at least according to the writer Zakes Mda, who has said that the new South Africa... Read More

Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Ivory Coast has finally appeared at the International Criminal Court, ICC yesterday, Monday, December 5, 2011. He is actually facing charges of crimes against humanity, including murder and rape. Laurent Gbagbo is the first former head of state expected to be tried by the court since it was created; that is in 2002.

Laurent Gbagbo is aged 66 and he was arrested and flown from Ivory Coast to the Netherlands last week. Since then he was held at a detention centre in the Hague. He shares the same roof with many other personalities; great personalities... Read More

The Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC has been under the fires of rebellions for more than a decade. The wars that the country has been experiencing were a hard moment for Congolese. The first free election in 2006, since the DRC got its independence in 1960 brought Joseph Kabila at the head of the country for five years. This year, November 28, a new election was organized. Incumbent president Kabila affronted 10 other president candidates among whom the eternal opponent Tshisekedi Etienne. At the same day legislative election was also held; there were 500 seats for which more than 1800 individuals... Read More

After last year's post election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire, many Ivorians did seek refugee in neighboring Liberia.

They were well received by the local Liberian population and the international community started immediately to design programs and activities to help both the refugees and the local population. Water, food, health and security are the basic needs that have to be covered immediately and efficiently.

Throughout 2011, a tremendous task has been done to possibly provide this assistance. But since a few month, there is the rainy season. It will, luckily, come to an end soon.... Read More

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