Monday, November 12, 2018

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Are you searching for the best solutions for ecommerce website? There are many different types of ecommerce books available in the market that gives instant solution to the ecommerce business. Several books are written on developing dynamic content for your ecommerce site. So, let’s see the list of some amazing ecommerce books:

Contagious by Jonah Berger

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Contagious is remarkable ecommerce books that clear all the doubts of reader regarding why certain stories get shared, videos go viral or emails get forwarded. Reading this book, readers can get a... Read More

The truth of the matter is that no one can deny that iPhone is not a brand, and a good one. In short, iPhone is one of the best and largely known brands in the world. The market has the same perception in the present times. iPhone accessories are flooded in the market and are making significant sales.

There must be a secret behind its success, which its competitors do not have a clue. What makes the brand fight to win in market battle besides the established one by other great smartphones? iPhone 6 will definitely fight its way in the market regardless the presence of iPhone 5 in the... Read More

I remember as a kid, on a warm summer’s night, taking a walk down the block to this little ice cream store that made the best ice cream in the whole world (according to us kids). There was nothing better in the world at that time, then buying a nice, cool, creamy, soft chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles, and hanging out with my brother and friends. Those nights and times together were just priceless.

I reminisce about when we were all there ordering our cones and dishes, watching the worker pull back the lever and drool, as that awesome ice cream just flowed out of the machine... Read More

Happy Moon Day!!!

It was 44 years ago today, July 20, 1969, that one of the biggest accomplishments of mankind was the day that man first walked on the moon. The astronauts, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr. became instant worldwide heroes It had only been a short 22 years earlier that the Soviet Union had become the first nation to ever launch an artificial satellite out of the earth’s atmosphere and enter space.

Upon landing at the moon base, “Tranquility Base”, Neil Armstrong announced from the space module “Eagle”, “the Eagle has landed.”... Read More

Among the most enduring achievements of Star Trek is the advanced technology it envisioned, inspiring generations of students to become scientists consumed with creating some of the futuristic devices that became indispensable in the twenty-third century created by Gene Roddenberry. The saga has in some respects become synonymous with innovation as the list of inventions created from all its incarnations have been world changing. It also reinforces the notion that many inventions are already functionally complete in the mind’s eye of the inventor. All that is left is to figure out how... Read More

Have you ever wondered what kind of car wax, owners of of super-cars like Porsche,McLaren, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini use to keep their cars looking spanking new? It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, though the story behind “the wax” used by owners of the finest cars in the world is quite a fascinating one.

These cars get their shine from? (a) Turtlewax? No! (b) The “original” paste car-wax that your dad may have used in the good ‘ole days? Wrong. (c) The wax sold at your car dealer for $50 to $60? Sorry, wrong again.

The car wax preferred by... Read More

At times in my marriage, I have dreamed of high tech helmets that my wife and I could wear to communicate, connecting brains, so I could truly understand what my wife thinks, reading her like in science fiction books and movies. These helmets would have been useful, for example, the time my wife became furious after finding I had eaten her donut, the last one. She was pregnant with our first child. Perhaps more than a mind reading device would be required to understand such complexity.But, who hasn't longed to see into the mind of another person? The idea of getting into someone else's brain... Read More

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