Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Have you ever wondered what kind of car wax, owners of of super-cars like Porsche,McLaren, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini use to keep their cars looking spanking new? It probably hasn’t crossed your mind, though the story behind “the wax” used by owners of the finest cars in the world is quite a fascinating one.

These cars get their shine from? (a) Turtlewax? No! (b) The “original” paste car-wax that your dad may have used in the good ‘ole days? Wrong. (c) The wax sold at your car dealer for $50 to $60? Sorry, wrong again.

The car wax preferred by... Read More

At times in my marriage, I have dreamed of high tech helmets that my wife and I could wear to communicate, connecting brains, so I could truly understand what my wife thinks, reading her like in science fiction books and movies. These helmets would have been useful, for example, the time my wife became furious after finding I had eaten her donut, the last one. She was pregnant with our first child. Perhaps more than a mind reading device would be required to understand such complexity.But, who hasn't longed to see into the mind of another person? The idea of getting into someone else's brain... Read More

Apple introduces iPhone 5 and new iPod

The all new iPhone 5 has been introduced by Apple CEO, Tim Cook earlier today. The keynote presentation started at 7.00pm, when an optimistic Tim Cook appeared on stage and hundreds of people inside the hall started cheering. "We've got some great things to show you", said Cook. He then introduced Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller for the actual introduction of the "most beautiful device we've ever made", said Schiller. The new iPhone has a 4 inch retina screen and is 18% lighter than the iPhone 4s. It's not an all glass case, but an all metal... Read More

Fire simulators make it possible to save human and economic resources, reducing the risks of field testing

In Italy, Civil Protection and the Forestry Service have begun using a high technology system, based on mathematical models of fire spread in Mediterranean woods context, with tactical and operating functions. The geo-referenced 3-D scenarios are adaptable according to the environment being tested and permits the optimal use of aircraft. Videogame enthusiasts are going crazy for games where they play the role of firefighters and they must fight different kinds of fires,... Read More

Smart is easy to say: for cities to become really smart, it takes investments in research and innovationAt the BAIA conference (Business Association Italy America), attended by Thales Italia and SELEX Elsag, speakers agreed that all the tools are there to rebuild our cities in smart ways, by respecting their specific qualities.The growing use of ICT technologies in sectors such as transport, energy management, health and environmental monitoring will lead to the development of a new model of sustainable city, in which citizens will have access to improved services, thanks to sensors distributed... Read More

The excellent union between the academic world and technological development

WASS's small great project for underwater exploration will be useful for industry but, above all, it will be a friend to the environment. The environment and the fight against pollution of the seas has a precious ally WASS, the Finmeccanica company that takes its name from its founder Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo, has expanded its sphere of business into the civil field. Being a leader at a global level in integrated underwater systems engineering (in the past two years alone, it has filed... Read More

The tests on the future navigation and localization services continue. They are being conducted by Spaceopal, a joint-venture between Telespazio and the German Space Agency

The first two operational satellites of the Galileo constellation, launched on 21 October last year, passed further testing with flying colours, at Telespazio's Space Centre in Fucino completing those carried out in Belgium at the European Space Agency (ESA) Centre.

Galileo is the satellite navigation system that will allow users to determine their exact position in time and space, just like GPS, but... Read More

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