Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Have you ever noticed that there are security cameras almost everywhere in the United States? Regardless of whether you’re hopping on the subway, shopping at the mall or eating dinner at a nice restaurant, video surveillance cameras are probably close by. In fact, with criminal activity on the rise, it has become crucial to have an advanced surveillance system for the safety of your home and business. Again, as most crimes happen at night, the challenge of a security professional is to ensure that video footage is effective 24/7.

Before you purchase a security camera, make sure that... Read More

The 3D imaging market is expected to witness rapid growth on account of factors such as high degree of efficiency and availability. This technique is widely used in defense & security, healthcare, architecture, entertainment & media and industrial sectors. 3D imaging techniques offer high resolution images used for various applications, which is expected to fuel market growth. Additionally, products including smartphones, cameras and televisions use this technology to enhance user experience, which is expected to drive the 3D imaging market. Increasing application in the automation... Read More

What do you expect from a shower head when turning it on? Water of course. Repeat: what can you expect from a LED shower head? Colors! Generally 3 colors are there to help you tell the 3 different temperatures with a LED color changing shower head. So what on earth is a LED shower head?

A LED shower head makes it possible to inform you the temperature visually. There are 3 colors: red, blue and green. Apparently red is for hot, and as you can guess green means cool and blue is comfortable. If you should come across flashing red it is warning you not use the water!

One of the... Read More

Well, it's not something that literally destroys itself or anything flashy like that -- it's more in the lines of scrubbing all data from the phone even when traces of tampering are detected. Does not sound too cool after all but you can be sure it does the work just fine.

Apparently, the phone dubbed as "Boeing Black" is capable of deleting all data it contains once it detects tampering or any attempt at disassembly. According to an expert from Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects, "...any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete... Read More

With internet, smartphones, laptops and tablets being used more than before, you need an effective, economical and time-saving system to share information with your employees and clients or customers. And one of the best ways to do so is to opt for freelance, customized web applications. A number of freelancers today work on contractual basis, offering you the opportunity to get applications developed at a fraction of cost. Here is a detailed description of what custom web applications are and how they benefit their users.

Today, individuals who offer freelance custom software development... Read More

In recent years RC helicopters have been experiencing great changes. Progress in gyro technology as well as hard-wearing components make it possible for everyone to access and fiddle with a RC helicopter. Free from the stress of adjustment, beginners can have more fun when flying RC helicopter and learn the basics more freely. The price of a 3D gyro RC helicopter also dropped that a fine one won’t eat into most of your pocket anymore. Also when a RC helicopter crashes, it used to be devastating but right now things are much better.

With all these new technologies, flying helicopters... Read More

What made up the body of a helicopter is an electric device called radio controlled gyroscope. It makes it possible for helicopter to revolve around the axis. Between the receiver and the rear rotor sits the amazing gyro. In the process of rotating, the gyro serves to sense the chance and is able to switching the angle.

In the market a bunch of gyros are available and their prices are in a wide range. Generally the price relies on the characteristics that it is born with. The more advanced, the more control you will have, and thus the more it cost. However a gyro provides at least provides... Read More

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