Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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We can always relax under the shower to wipe out the dirt and all the stress from our body and mind. For many people it is like a sacred moment. But how often did we experience the water showering our body is still too cold or even already too hot? That kind of thing will definitely ruin out the mood and it won’t give us the relaxing time we want.

Lots of us are wondering how we can know that the water temperature of the shower is already perfect as we expected. Checking directly will be a hassle as we want better solution. It seems the answer is already here. Advanced technology leads... Read More

With the development in technology, people all over the world have come closer and the world has actually become a smaller place. The development of social media and communication gadgets have proved to be extremely beneficial for the people of the modern times to stay in touch and get their work accomplished with the touch of a button.

Thus, it is very important that in addition to the daily news, people also get to know the latest technology news and this has prompted many websites to dedicate a part of their web pages to the latest developments in technology.

Let us look at... Read More

As published in the New York Times, in October 2009, a police officer named Adrian Schoolcraft was detained by his fellow superior officers and locked in a psychiatric ward. When the case came into public light, it was revealed that the officer was collecting information on illegal arrests and other officer’s manipulation of crime statistics. He later revealed to the investigators of the Internal Affairs Bureau that he did this because his boss accused him of not meeting their goals for arrests. As proof to support his statement, he recorded the audio of his superiors demanding to lock people... Read More

Remote control helicopters are regarded as source of fascination for children by most of individuals. But, these machines are adored not just by teenagers and kids, but also those amateur adults who are serious about flying. It’s quite weary challenge to find the best RC that can suit any person, this difficulty is increased many folds if person is novice in this field.

The best bet to get past this weary task is to get in mind well where the money is being spent, as well as understanding where one can find the best RC helicopters which suits one’s leisure needs efficiently. Prior to... Read More

The PBX or private branch exchange system for a business used to be comprised of a manned switchboard to manage calls. All that has changed with the advent of cutting-edge server based technology called the “VoIP” or “IP based PBX”. It is a business phone system that not only performs your sundry call management tasks but also helps to simplify, scale and consolidate your business communications with minimal technical help.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics of a business PBX system that has become a must for most businesses today:

Simple set up and Operation

An IP... Read More

LTE has been a driver for major investment for wireless carriers. However, much of the investment is in core network infrastructure that will be used for more than just raw data services. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) represents an opportunity for wireless carriers to improve their competitive position marginally at first, but much more longer term, assuming they properly execute VAS applications such as RCS and open up their APIs.

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The incumbent carriers must deal with the threat of these “dial... Read More

The latest developments in network technologies and design are set to unleash an era of a high-end IT infrastructure and solutions that were part of sci-fi folklore even a decade ago. Wireless networks have already revolutionized the communication process by creating a platform to share knowledge and brought about an information age in which we live. It means increasing pressure on wireless and traditional networks for improved design and installation.

Wireless network and design is in hot demand as different technologies are developed for enabling the information and communication... Read More

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