Sunday, August 19, 2018

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With any major armament purchase or military equipment upgrades comes a struggle for policy and military decision makers: having to fulfill the need to provide troops with the best available, combat-proven and efficient equipment, while compromising with defense budgets and considering the general public’s acceptance of military spending. Making the choice is hard; making the right choice is even harder.

In 2014, the U.S. Congress cut $492 million in budget at the request of the White House for the U.S. Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle, the GCV. The program, which was supposed to represent... Read More

Becoming a honcho in the industry where neck and neck competition is day-to-day business has not been an easy journey for Rashmi Group, a renowned name for manufacturing cement and steel. It is truly praiseworthy the way the Group has been advancing with all its projects. With that success has also been the constant companion in all its ventures. But rivals in the competitive business market have left path rockier for Rashmi Group. Though tacked many challenges in the past, now Rashmi Group has been embroiled in an unnecessary controversy fabricated by its rivals to tarnish its reputation.

... Read More

Violet Pietrok was born with a bird's vision. It is so rare that only 100 such cases have been reported so far.

A congenital facial malformation was responsible for the widening of her facial features, spacing out her eyes and widening her nose. A large central cleft sat right in the middle of her face and an unwanted growth over her left eye smirked audaciously.

This devil of a disease goes by the name of frontonasal dysplasia. Plastic surgeon-in-chief Dr. John Meara of Boston Children's Hospital wasn't goingto give up. He prepared months ahead of the surgery with molds of Violet's... Read More

In this post, Aegis java development team will discuss the concept of NoSQL, AWS, and DynamoDB and how to use it in java web development project. The readers will also get to know about Amazon DynamoDB architecture and its data model concept.

What is NoSQL?

NoSQL – often referred to as Not a SQL – is a database that offers storage and retrieval of data that is stored in a way other than the normal RDBMS. Relational databases were never meant to cope up with the scale and agility challenges that face modern applications, nor were they designed to handle the large amounts of... Read More

With 3D printers all but widely-known now, it only remains to have an accurate and portable 3D scanner to practically produce anything on-the-go. The current 3D scanners are all bulky and very expensive but we may soon have that functionality installed in our smartphones.

A team of CalTech researchers led by Ali Hajimiri has designed a small camera chip that can enable a smartphone to do an accurate 3D scan of an object.

The tiny silicon chip called nanophotonic coherent imager (NCI) only measures one millimeter square and can conveniently be placed within smartphones. It uses... Read More

In the initial stages of the SEO industry, keywords research was a really tough jobfor Webmasters, But after the entrance of Search Engine Optimization into the next level of technology, new and advanced tools made this task easy for webmasters. Now there are a number of tools(free and paid) being used for keywords research. This revolution made easy for us to find keywords according to our need. But still there is a very thin line between good and bad keywords Research. The following tips are SEO Optimization ideas, that will be enabled you to select good keywords for your website and will... Read More

The world of architecture is a transforming one. And it is impacted by a lot of other things as well. For example, the world of technology has a significant impact on architecture. New trends and innovations appear in technology, which help to make construction easier, and the results better.

A new kid on the block in this regard is 3D printing. Although it’s been a few years since its advent, yet 3D printing still appears to be at a nascent stage. So, new additions are likely in this field and 3D printing will evolve over the years into a more effective tool.

Currently, 3D printing... Read More

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