Monday, March 19, 2018

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Now these days, penetration testing has become one of the popular security assessment techniques of your computing environment. Penetration tests are carried out by many business owners so as to find the vulnerabilities of the system and prevent exploitation from external personnel, like hackers, as well as disgruntled employees. Not only do business operators use these testing, but individuals who are keen on protecting their computers may also use strategic security tests to avoid being exploited by hackers. Let's look at how you could conduct a test:


While conducting... Read More

The rapid growth of mobile users has affected the stats of various industries and one of the most influenced industries among all is ecommerce. During past few years, the rate of online buyers has increased to a great extent. Due to which, it has now become important for online shop owners to provide their mobile users with a better user experience in order to increase their conversion rate.

Following are some of the experimented ways which will not only help you improve the mobile user experience but conversion rate too.

1.Mobile Version Of Your Desktop Website:

The first... Read More

What is android?

Before we move forward, let us know that what is android. This is a customized device which is now used in thousands of distinct device. If you have a myth that android version is only applicable in computers and smart phone then you are completely wrong and really have to get aware about it.

This is present in different 60 languages and still growing eventually due to increasing demand and also for the users’ interest.

When we met android?

Mobile and technology is in trend from past almost 20 years. This doesn’t means that there is no mobile before... Read More

You may do lots of things in your brand mark but relying on the nature of your medical business. Are you stressed to with the most excellent design for your medical clinic or dental clinic?

A professional Medical logo designing service providers can bring out the difference among the achievement of your advertising efforts and just a so-so advertising campaign that falls short of your tactics. If you have unique and professional logo that allows your patients to easily recognize your mailings, signage, and other things that aid to enhance brand recognition that is so significant in the... Read More

Thanks to the era of smartphones and other mobile devices, anyone can now play citizen journalist and produce all kinds of extraordinary stories that used to be the domain of professional journalists and documentary makers.

"The collective arena is a hive of creativity," said documentary pioneer Molly Dineen, who praised technological developments as adding a richer dimension to current affairs and factual documentaries. "It should add to what traditional documentary makers are doing and not take away."

In fact, ordinary citizens are not the only ones who benefit from this trend,... Read More

Healthcare providers offer better medical care to patients. Electronic health record (EHR) systems enhance the ability to diagnose body ailment or disease and lower medical errors; which eventually influence better patient outcomes. It is not said by doctors, but has shown by the survey conducted by specialists that healthcare industries development solutions are making revolutionary changes in the industry and helping physicians to bring more care and facilities for patients.

Almost 94% of healthcare providers report that their EHR is making patient’s data records readily accessible... Read More

While it's true that the Apple iPhone is not necessarily appealing to everyone, it still has an obvious following, no matter how ridiculous people think they're priced, and no matter how other people think that iOS is inferior compared to more customizable Androids. It's been said that iPhones that run iOS are comparable to Google's Blogger service - more reliable, less customizable; while Android phones run more like WordPress blogs, which are the other way around.

No matter what people say, having an iPhone is not comparable to having a phone. People with iPhones should know that... Read More

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