Sunday, January 20, 2019

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In this era of cutting-edge competition, the rapid development of mobile or web apps with faster time-to-market is the way to lead to your business towards success. While you are part of this drive, it is quite essential to maintain the quality of the code. However, the primary concern faced by the developers while managing both reduced timelines is how to improve the code quality and its efficiency.

Listed below are some of the commonly used software development methodologies and tools to maintain and improve the Java code quality

1) Pair Programming

It is a proven... Read More

Android currently enjoys more than 80 percent of the market share, and there exist 3.6+ million Android apps. Anyone who happens to make the simple deduction that Android is wildly popular among the masses worldwide. It means that Android app developers have their hands full with creating engaging apps, but language do they use to get the job done? While Java is admittedly a considerably sought after option, there's a relatively new kid on the block that is making waves: Kotlin.

Since its launch in 2016, Kotlin has been steadily gaining traction among Android app developers owing... Read More

Technology has been developing at a steady rate in the past few years. Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest developments in the technological sphere, and it has caused quite an impact in the entire world. Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence, it has been widely studied by scientists all over. It has been manifested in various ways. Among the different areas where Artificial Intelligence has made an impact, its effect over the human resources had been undeniably massive. Multiple studies and sessions have been conducted regarding the impact and the effect of Artificial... Read More

Samsung is a one of the most prominent mobile manufacturers worldwide and has a strong fan base in India as well. It has won the heart of users like you as it offers a range of quality devices that cater to just about any type of usage requirement. Whether you are looking for a simple phone with just the basic calling and messaging facilities, or an advanced model that allows you to use the S pen as a remote, Samsung has a model that’s just right for you. Even if it is niche features such as a phone that can measure your heart rate or a blue light filter to protect your eyes, you can count... Read More

Choosing the right JS (JavaScript) framework for developing your web application is a crucial task from the plethora of options. They range from Angular, Backbone, React.js, Node, Ember, and the latest addition to the list, Vue.js. However, React.js is one of the most popular frameworks among the front-end developers for application development these days. As a lightweight JS framework, there is an immense growth in its library in the past few years. To understand what is so unique about the traits of React.js that make it one of the most favored JavaScript frameworks, let’s start with its... Read More

The moment we walk into a store, the first thing we notice is the interior decor or the way the store has been maintained. This is a basic human instinct and none can deny that. The same thing is applicable in the world of internet where every web designer like Intlum is trying to create something unique in order to woo the visitors. The niche of a particular website might be different but the basic mantra remains the same which is to create something that none has ever thought of. As a beginner in the web designing field, it is indeed difficult to even imagine something different.... Read More

When you think about how much we have come to rely on our smartphones it’s because these mini portable computers allow us to carry out a multitude of tasks that would have eaten time out of our daily lives.

In fact, if you happen to lose or forget to take your smartphone with you for whatever reason it very soon becomes apparent how inconvenient being smartphone-less is!

Lets’ face it our phones gives you directions, it lets you pull up a coupon whilst you are standing in a checkout line, we take and store pictures to load onto our social media sites. And, yes it lets us... Read More

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