Monday, July 16, 2018

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Before going in to depth of this topic, lets clear about, do IOS really need a software, as they already fenced these devices with high security.

There is a rich concept in IOS ,called as sandboxing, which separates the apps from the rest of the device. It ensures that no malicious data make any harm to the system. iOS is designed and construct in such a way that it is allowed to accept and install only those apps which are approved by Apple.

From past scenario we can see IOS removed so many apps from store because its architecture framework is already strong enough, which hardly... Read More

However, Microsoft is working hard to secure its operating system by rolling out security patches in a quick fashion but still many of us don't keep an eye or show much concern to install those updates if you are also one of them, should sure start installing good anti-virus software for your version of Windows.

In terms of best antivirus software available in the market, there are a couple of leading security firm that actually protects your device from phishing, malware and deadly attacks. Also, when you have made your mind to go for a premium, you should spend your money wisely. The... Read More

With the rise in various internet options, we all have come across or heard about fibre optic broadband most often. For those who have no information on it, it is a broadband whose speed is quite fast and gives you enough bandwidth to enable multiple devices online at once. The name is from the use of cables made from glass and plastic which makes data transfer faster compared to copper wires which are used in the regular broadband. The reason that the internet is available across the world is the presence of fibre cables.

What separates the broadband used among companies is the channel... Read More

Media players offer the best way to enjoy movies, TV shows or other forms of content you love to watch, when you want. More importantly perhaps, they afford you the opportunity to play content from a drive or live stream it. Fortunately, there are media players available on the Internet built to cater to every individual’s needs.

The best part is that every media player comes equipped with different types of features as well as functionalities. Some don’t require you to download audio and video codecs separately to play specific content as they have built-in codecs to run almost every... Read More

So, you have opened a Facebook page for your brand and naturally, to promote your brand, you are looking to get more likes on your page, to promote your brand. Well, there are some who succeed in getting the desired likes, but for many, it may be very hard to get the followers to get the desired Facebook likes, which would in return promote the brand. If you are someone who is looking to get more like on your Facebook page, then you have come to the right place, as this article will take a look at how and why should you get more likes on your Facebook page, by buying them and how to do it!

... Read More

Today is the world of technology and innovations and new technologies are introducing very fast. Everyone needs to get updating with the latest technology news to get advanced information and knowledge. But what's the best way to get latest technology news update, is the question. Some people get information from their friends, some spend their time on the internet search, and some people check out magazines and podcasts which give a lot of information.

These are good ways to get the latest information about technology, but for the real and more accurate information, you should read... Read More

Technology has brought us a long way from where we were a decade ago. It has unraveled new opportunities; things we never thought would ever be a part of our reality, at least not any time soon! Some of the greatest leaps have been taken by the mobile industry. But as phones have become smarter and integrated more into our lives, along with making it easier, they have also made it prone to several risks regarding privacy.

On the brighter side, there is a variety of different mobile tracking software present in the market. Not only does such software assist in keeping our phones safe,... Read More

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