Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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Everyone knows that football heroes like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make a fortune through lucrative salaries and endorsement contracts. But how does the Superbowl treat the bank accounts of the nameless majority of players that achieve their life’s goal in relative anonymity behind muddy facemasks every year? According to the official site a player on the winning team of this Sunday’s event will receive a whopping $73,000 in prize money. Furthermore, a player on the losing team gets a generous parting gift of $38,000, up $1,500 from last year. That’s over $3,000 more than the most... Read More

With academic and athletic powerhouses such as UCLA and USC in the area, the athletic accomplishments of Occidental college are often overlooked. For those of you who do not know, Occidental college is a selective liberal arts institution in the Pasadena/Eagle Rock area. With a total of approximately 1,800 students, the population at Occidental college does not even come close to rivaling USC or UCLA, but the quality of entertainment can be just as good. Although Occidental is known as an academic before athletics college, its accomplishments on the fields are just as impressive as its accomplishments... Read More

2006 saw Canadian athletes achieve unprecedented feats in a variety of sports, however, only Speed-Skating's Cindy Klassen, Baseball's Justin Morneau, and Basketball's Steve Nash deserve consideration to be considered Canada's best, and after further analysis, Cindy Klassen triumphs over her competition to skate away with the honor. Cindy Klassen made her pitch for the award on the world's grandest stage. She was not flashy and did not garner much attention outside Canadian media outlets, and in just over two weeks, her efforts were all but forgotten. Yet, her dominance in Turin, Italy was... Read More

Game 5 of the 1997 and Game 3 of the 2006 Clippers regular season have almost nothing in common. Well, actually they have nothing in common for everyone, save me. And truth be told, the connection is tenuous and mostly born of my delusions of granduer, so if that sort of thing seems more self-aggrandizing than poetic to you, you'd best stop reading here - which is not to say that I've nothing more than an anecdote and a poorly-contemplated similie to provide... I think there's something here - but as writing is as much catharsis as it is attempting to be entertainment for the reader - you're... Read More

Pre-season. Just the mention of the word usually brings a collective groan to the minds of sports fans everywhere. Like a TGI Friday's appetizer with only 5 cheese sticks, it's not only disappointing, it leaves you even hungrier than you were before. Talk of the preseason fills our hearts with dread: of obligatory attendance to earn one's status as a "true fan", of watching back-up players trying clumsily to make the roster, and of a half-filled arenas or stadiums of only mildly amused patrons. The NBA's preseason is no exception. In a sport with so few players on each team, and even fewer... Read More

In 2003 the Homeless World Cup began with five teams as a way to promote awareness to the plight of the homeless and a way to motivate them off the streets. This week 500 players from 48 countries are competing in Cape Town, South Africa in front of thousands of adoring fans. This isn't your normal futbol. The pace is fast with each team having four players on the field playing seven-minute periods. The fields are makeshift in a large parking lot with each pitch the size of an average tennis court. The only familiar part is that the U.S. has failed to finish in the top three. At first I thought... Read More

We all like champions, and maybe it's me, but is there something inherently wrong with idolizing professional sports figures? Well, let's take a look:

There's the good side: Training, fitness, health, clean living, moral values, steroids... uhh, sorry, that just slipped in, no judgement here. Um, lets continue with, well, contributions to society... Right.

That speaks for itself. 'Course, there are those who will argue in favor of the positive contributions that pro athletes have made to society, ( and yes, they do exist) but they seem to be far outweighed by the negative aspects... Read More

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