Saturday, March 17, 2018

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With the All-Star Game coming to San Francisco’s AT&T Park next week, I thought now would be a good time to weigh in with my AL and NL all-star team picks. The fans actually did a very good job of getting the best players on each squad, but I do disagree with them in some instances. CATCHER AL: Victor Martinez, Cleveland Indians The fans blew it here, picking Ivan Rodriguez. Martinez is the number one catcher in baseball right now, with power, average and production. People have criticized his defense in the past, but he’s improved in that area and should only get better. NL: Russell Martin,... Read More
Teams must have been hung over after swimming in the most talented draft pool in recent memory on June 28th. Seattle scored Jeff Green and Kevin Durant, giving them two possible future franchise players. June 29th, however, left no time for headaches and nausea as it signaled the beginning of the free agent wooing period. Some of the biggest fish have already been snagged. Who is left? Who is still looking? Vince Carter has resigned with New Jersey for four years. He is a 25ppg, 5rpg, and 5 apg kind of player that most teams would love to have as their number two threat. He decided to stay... Read More
On July 10th Major League Baseball will hold its 78th All-Star Game. I can’t wait until July 11th. It isn’t that I dislike the All-Star game, or any of the weekend’s events. In reality, I am among the growing number of sports fans that just aren’t intrigued by the whole event. The home run derby is the equivalent to watching grass grow. It’s what the three point contest would be without a timer, a guy practicing. What I can’t wait for is the end of the incessant whining from fans, sports columnists, and radio personalities. The first real wave of infant like behavior rolls out... Read More
USA Today has begun to unload its Top 25 of the USA TODAY Era (1982-2007). Every weekday it gives us another member of its top 25 and how they rank amongst each other. I love these lists because they are totally subjective and get sports fans extremely riled up. They are the spawn of downtime on the sports editorial calendar, they often reek of must, and always leave out role players such as offensive lineman and concentrate on the skill positions. So I thought it would be appropriate to do a “top athlete” list for Big Dave on Sports. One of the most important elements that can define a... Read More
It's official Giants fans; Barry Bonds has earned himself a spot on the NL All-Star roster. The news, which came as a late surprise to some and a sweet relief to others, was the talk of most fans this past Sunday about the time when traffic was just hitting it's full capacity on the way to the Giants, Diamondbacks game. Yet Despite the good news the Giants came out as focused to play ball as any other day. And it showed as the Giants later emerged victorious, and added a cheery to the already sweet news by pounding Arizona 13 to a whopping 0. This would be the 13th time Bonds had made the All-Star... Read More
Charlie Silvera was born in San Francisco in 1924, grew up in the Mission District, and attended St. Ignatius High School before signing with the Yankees for a $2,500 bonus in 1942. He would go on to languish for eight full seasons as a backup to Yogi Berra. Although he received six World Series championship rings along the way, Silvera must always wonder what he could have done had Berra not been the starter for all those great Yankee teams of the 40’s and 50’s. Silvera went on to coach and scout for a variety of MLB clubs and currently resides in the beautiful hills of Millbrae in Northern... Read More
This past Thursday Jason Richardson was traded to the Charlotte for a first round 8th pick overall Brandon Wright from North Carolina. Much speculation was ridding on as to wheather or not Kevin Durant or Greg Oden would go number one overall in the draft, but no one could have anticipated the trade that took place this past Thursday between the Warriors and the Bobcats. This now leaves the question as to why the Warriors organization felt that a trade containing one of its " Key franchise players" was good enough to roll the dice on. Before the trade took place in later rounds there was a... Read More

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