Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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For those of us who like to read the sports pages daily as a sort of panacea to the gore and tragedy of the front pages, it’s been one editorial after another editorial lately. Why have the pundits of sports relegated their columns to opinions rather than game scores and free agent signings? Because the cheaters and beaters are stealing the headlines. Each of the major (and a few of the minor) sports in our country has been rocked recently by embarrassing and illegal developments by its participants. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is following Barry Bonds, who has admitted before a grand... Read More
The Tim Donaghy betting scandal story just got worse, if that's possible. Based on a report that appeared on ESPN SportsCenter earlier this evening, it is alleged that Donaghy may have done more than just bet on or manipulated the outcome of games in which he acted as a referee. I’m now hearing that Donaghy (pictured at the far left in the above photo) may have also provided bookies with other NBA ref’s officiating schedules. This would allow bookmakers to use this information to hedge bets and move betting lines, thereby giving them an unfair and substantial advantage. Certain referees... Read More
Jim Davenport played third base and shortstop for the San Francisco Giants from 1959 to 1970, and finished with a total of 77 HRs, 456 RBIs and a career batting average of .258. His best season was in 1962, when he hit .297, won a Golden Glove and was chosen to play in the all-star game. He played with greats like Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda and Willie McCovey, but got to the World Series only once, in 1962, and batted .136 in the Fall Classic while SF lost to the New York Yankees in 7 games. Davenport never really intended to play in the major leagues. He went to... Read More
What’s to happen to the image of the NBA now that Tim Donaghy is being investigated for fixing, and betting games, which he officiated in? This past week has been a dark one, and one that has brought more negatives than positives for the NBA and David Stern. It is hard to imagine that corruption has now not only leaked into the politics of this nation, but now into the sports we find so pure. It is hard to imagine how corruption now has not only leaked into the politics of this nation, but also now into the sports people once found pure. No matter where people seem to seek competitive enjoyment... Read More
The balls are being marked, City Hall is festooned in orange (see photo) and every move Barry Bonds makes is being chronicled throughout the world. Baseball fans, souvenir hunters and those who just want to be around baseball history will flock to San Francisco next week hoping to see Barry Bonds hit the big one. The Giants slugger is only two more homers away from tying Hank Aaron's career mark of 755, perhaps the most well-known record in the world of sports. There’s a very good chance that he could break the record during a seven-game homestand starting Monday against the Atlanta Braves,... Read More
The San Jose Sharks hockey team changed their logo recently. It wasn’t supposed to be revealed to the public until later this month, but someone leaked it before the official unveiling and here it is. I think this logo looks a lot better than the old one. This shark is meaner looking and has a little more personality than the original logo. The old shark looked like he was on Prozac or something – like he had accidentally chomped into an underwater power line and was still in shock. This appeared the other day on the Sharks’ web site, When the Sharks take the ice for... Read More
Should Hank Aaron be there for Barry? This is question that everyone is asking. As the moment draws even closer for Barry to take his swings at passing Hank Aaron on the all time home run list, many people including myself have been thinking about the importance of Hank Aaron being present if or when Bonds breaks the record? Aaron, who has already made it clear to most of us that he will not be present come the day Bonds breaks his record for most all time home runs, and rightfully so, but will he reconsider? There seems to be no reason why any player would want to see his record broken in... Read More

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