Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Like many people in this country, I grew up with baseball. The earliest memories I have about the game involve playing it -- my first mitt, bound in rubber bands and stored under my bed to work it in; trying to catch those first thrown baseballs and dropping at least 20 before one miraculously fell into my glove; my first World Series (1968 – Detroit beat St. Louis), watching Bob Gibson scowl as he struck out 18 Tigers reminded me of our fourth grade Physical Education teacher, Mr. Cannon, who believed in jumping jacks and medicine balls and couldn’t tolerate “mouthy punks” like myself.... Read More
After fighting leukemia since 2004, Bill Walsh, former San Francisco 49ers General Manager and Stanford coach, passed away today at 75 years of age. Bill Walsh brought the 49ers to three Super Bowl victories, making the 49ers the “team of the 80's.” Bill Walsh changed the offensive game of football and was even nicknamed the "genius"—a title he never denied. According to John Madden, the nickname was well deserved. Bill Walsh was able to bring the offensive game to a new level -- perfecting the passing game. At a time when coaches would run the ball at and eventually pass, Walsh would pass... Read More
Three-time Superbowl Champion Coach has passed away from a fight with Leukemia early this morning. He was the creator of the West Coast Offense now being used in the NFL. Bill Walsh started off as a high school coach and moved onto college but did not become a head coach in the NFL till he was 47. He had ten years with San Francisco where he made a name for himself with three superbowl wins and a record of 102-63-1. He also went on to win coach of the year in 1981 and 1984. He left behind a mark on the NFL with his ideas and strategies passed on to head coaches (who at the time were assistant... Read More
Now that the Bonds Home Run Tour moves down the coast to Los Angeles, and then on to San Diego, sportswriters and fans are all asking the same question – how will Barry be treated by the fans in both cities? Bonds still needs one dinger to tie Henry Aaron, and then another one to claim the record as his very own. "This is going to be a test," said Giants outfielder Dave Roberts, who spent about 2½ seasons with the Dodgers, "whether they're going to show their knowledge, appreciation and love for the game -- like they are passionate for the game -- or are they going to go the other way?"... Read More
There is no question that this month has probably been one of the darker months in sports since the Black Sox scandal back in 1919. All throughout this July there has been an ongoing chain of events with one being overshadowed by the next. The consequences of these events have been serious, and have either sparked harsh punishments, or investigations carrying potential charges. Never in a period of only one month can I remember there being so many negatives cases occurring within such a short time. Though it may be hard to say, it appears that at this point in time, sports history seems to be... Read More
For those of us who like to read the sports pages daily as a sort of panacea to the gore and tragedy of the front pages, it’s been one editorial after another editorial lately. Why have the pundits of sports relegated their columns to opinions rather than game scores and free agent signings? Because the cheaters and beaters are stealing the headlines. Each of the major (and a few of the minor) sports in our country has been rocked recently by embarrassing and illegal developments by its participants. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig is following Barry Bonds, who has admitted before a grand... Read More
The Tim Donaghy betting scandal story just got worse, if that's possible. Based on a report that appeared on ESPN SportsCenter earlier this evening, it is alleged that Donaghy may have done more than just bet on or manipulated the outcome of games in which he acted as a referee. I’m now hearing that Donaghy (pictured at the far left in the above photo) may have also provided bookies with other NBA ref’s officiating schedules. This would allow bookmakers to use this information to hedge bets and move betting lines, thereby giving them an unfair and substantial advantage. Certain referees... Read More

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