Sunday, October 21, 2018

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If you're ever in the Los Angeles area and in need for a serious boxing workout. You will get it at The Broadway Gym! Established in the mid 1970's by the late Bill Slayton, who was a great trainer and mentor to legendary fighters such as the former heavyweight champion, Ken Norton. Slayton's most recent fighter before he passed that he guided was the former WBO champion Lamon Brewster. Mickey Rourke, the actor, trained at Broadway at one time. The gym is located on the corner of Broadway & 108th street in Los Angeles. It's a typical boxing facility and not made to be flashy because you're there... Read More
When I arrived in New York I called 'The Bronx Bull' on July 3rd 2007. The approximate time was about 9:35am. I tried to refresh his memory that when I got to N.Y. we'd play it by ear to see when we could make arrangements for me to meet him. Well, it didn't work the way I planned it because he didn't remember saying that he'd meet me for an interview. I was losing hope in that moment in time. He only wanted to talk over the phone. (That was cool of him. Better than nothing.) So I tried to remember any of the questions off from the top of my head that I'd had carefully written on paper, which... Read More
Here are the five NFC teams that I believe will be around for the playoffs at the conclusion of the 2007 NFL regular season: Seattle Seahawks: With Shaun Alexander back and healthy and with the continued improvement of QB Matt Haselback, the rainy city will reign supreme in the NFC West and could roll deep into the playoffs if the defense steps up. A reconfigured offensive line, anchored by Walter Jones, should open holes; a crew of talented receivers, led by Nate Burleson and Ben Obomanu should catch some passes, and a coach who’s been on the front lines for a long time (Mike Holmgren), could... Read More
Bonds is suing fellow players now? This could open up a whole can of worms. Sportswriters and announcers will be getting slapped with suits right and left for criticizing athletes. Players will be sued for bench jockeying. Bonds is going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this one, because everyone knows that there’s no suing in baseball. One of the great things about sports is that attorneys can't play them and don't determine the outcome. Sure, they negotiate players’ contracts and are behind the scenes, but that’s their role and it’s very limited. Now, lawyers will be suing other athletes... Read More
One day after Michael Vick was offered a plea agreement that would send him to jail for approximately one year, now he has a civil suit on his hands. This sounds ridiculous and probably doesn’t have any merit. When I first read it, I thought it might be a prank. Vick has been accused of a lot of different things, but up until now, no one has questioned his allegiance to the United States. This suit appears to be a case of someone piling on. I’d like to get a little more background on this inmate to determine if this suit has any validity at all. I doubt it does. Here is the story as it... Read More
Unless he experiences a complete and total meltdown, Tiger Woods is on course to become the greatest golfer in the history of the sport within the next five years. After that, it’s likely he will set a record for winning major tournaments that will put him in the stratosphere of PGA history. One of the great things about Tiger is that he’s a great role model, a solid citizen and a family man. People have searched long and hard to find chinks in the man’s armor, but they don’t exist. He lives to play golf and has dominated the sport since the day he turned pro. Some fellow pro golfers... Read More
Bobby Jenks exited the White Sox clubhouse almost as fast as he's been setting down batters over the last few weeks. The Chicago closer retired the side in the ninth last night in the White Sox 5-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners, his 33rd save in 38 chances. He's set down 38 straight batters, tying David Wells' American League record set in 1998 with the New York Yankees. It's the fourth-longest streak in major league history. "That's unbelievable," said White Sox starter Javier Vazquez. "That's tough to do, especially in (that) situation." Jenks has been providing game-ending shutdowns... Read More

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