Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Barry Bonds is whining again. This time he’s complaining about the fact that the San Francisco Giants let him go. He said that the Giants would have already won a World Series championship if he was the team owner. He also said that San Francisco fans are his “family,” yet I have seen the man snub fans on several occasions with my own two eyes. If they’re his family, it’s a dysfunctional one. The fact is that releasing Barry Bonds when they did was a very astute move by the Giants. With his bloated salary, huge head and enormous ego, Bonds had become a major liability in the City by... Read More
With the World Series approaching, I thought I'd publish this interview with retired baseball player Ed Mayer. Check out his UFO sighting. Ed Mayer played for the Chicago Cubs for two years, in 1957 and 1958. A San Francisco native and a Lowell High School graduate, he won the MVP award in a high-school all-star game played at Seals Stadium and received the trophy from none other than Babe Ruth himself. Mayer made his pitching debut against the New York Giants and gave up two home runs – one to Willie Mays and the other to Hank Sauer. They were the only dingers he would ever surrender. After... Read More
Got a package home but have a phobia of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) just waiting to bust in and catch you with your favorite mix in your hands? Just don't open the package for couple of days... An article by Johan from,EuroBolic, On-line anabolic steroids pharmacy and, EuroBolic, Farmacia de los esteroides anabólicos! For theoretical reasons try to imagine the following situation: You order your favorite Anabolic Steroid stack through one of the internet shops; its cheaper, and more discrete. You were notified your package is on... Read More
The Colorado Rockies are the big story of baseball’s postseason. If you would have told me a month ago that this team would win 20 of 21 games and be one win away from playing in the World Series at this point, I would have checked to see what you were smoking. I cannot remember the last time a team has done what the Rockies have accomplished. They’re a shoo-in for the World Series at this point. I just cannot see them losing four straight to an embattled and obviously very tired Arizona Diamondback’s team. Colorado has a perfect mix of seasoned vets and young, hungry players. They’re... Read More
The fight for number one is now over, and another victim of the top seed spoof is the Bay Area's own California Bears. 

The Bears were cut short of victory when an unexpected decision by the freshman QB Kevin Riley decided to go for the win by rushing to the end zone and not throw the ball away, leaving no time left for a last chance field goal which would have tied the game. 

Going into this past Saturday, the number 2 ranked team in the nation was perceived as the favorable victor over the Organ State Beavers, despite the absence of first string QB Nate Longshore. The game looked... Read More
It looks like my other article about the Bronx Bull is a knock-out. I'd like to treat you folks with another telephone conversation, starring Jake Lamotta. It was recorded on August 28, 2007. I don't consider this an interveiw because I usually call him out of the blue and strike up a chat. To the reader it seems like he's annoyed with me and he lets me have it at times. He's not! That's just the way he is. There's no lying in him. It's comical in some moments and then the hard reality sets in and takes a turn. How many of us can say that we get the opportunity to speak with an idol from our childhood?... Read More
By Amo
With profound apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer for my somewhat confusing analogy, however this emotional and bizarre baseball season proves once again that impressive stats, open check books, and fabled densities…guarantees nothing. Both the New York Mets and New York Yankees suffered what can only be described as a “meltdown”. The marquee names such as A-Rod, and Jeter in snug fitting pinstripes did little to stop the bloodletting, the Rocket past his prime simply fizzled out and crashed to earth. And what was taken for granted in August abruptly ended in October, as a 7-game lead,... Read More

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