Friday, November 16, 2018

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I am a football fan; at first my intentions for joining the acclaimed world of ‘footie’ were ulterior. I was strongly motivated by the fact that the guy I had my eye on at the time, was so totally into footie. I have never been one to rely on my looks and so I used my intellectual side and learnt and studied footie as a whole, his team and yes my endeavours paid off. Well the footie caught on and years later, I am still totally hooked. So I too have held my bated breath as England began and has carried out its quest in the hunt for the next England Football Manager. A job not entirely... Read More
Two champions step into the ring but only one man steps out victorious, seemingly unscathed. It was the night of all nights and one that will be remembered for a long time, as many fans from around the world stayed glued to the tube in hopes of witnessing something spectacular in boxing history. I know I was certainly surprised at the outcome as I had expected, (like every body else I imagine) that the brawler would win, that this powerful puncher would be triumphant as he had always been. He was forty three and zero, an impressive record while his opponent was thirty eight and zero, neither was... Read More
A bizarre and bewildering trend has sprouted within the British population as of late. I believe we’ve all noticed it, even if one is not guilty of partaking. I talk of the phenomenon which can only be described as the “pretend sports fan”. On November 22nd 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup, mostly due to poster-boy Johnny Wilkinson. At least, that is the story the media pedaled at that euphoric time. They had their hero, a single entity that the country could worship for giving us all the glee of a trophy. The funny thing is, every other person emerging from the woodwork, and... Read More
The Mitchell Report, the findings of former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's 20-month investigation into performance-enhancing drug use that has tarnished some of the game's greatest stars and records is going to be released to the public next week. What will it tell us? Whose baseball careers, if any, will be ruined? How will it change the American pastime? And maybe most importantly, what will MLB do in response to the report? Early leaks tell us that the report will reveal the names of 11 current free agents who took steroids. Critics of the report are already lining up, denouncing... Read More
Three members (Brik Wall, Vicious Ness, and Kina Wahine) of Orange County's only flat track roller derby league met up with me before a practice to let me know, in an exclusive interivew, what the OC Roller Girls are all about. So who are the OC Roller Girls? (KW) A bunch of awesome women that kick butt. I’ve been skating with the OC Roller Girls since July now and it’s just been a really good benefit. I love skating with them. The club seems like it’s come a long way from where it started. It’s been a really good opportunity. All the girls are great and the league is very positive.... Read More
This whole Bowl Championship Series (BCS) thing is a big load B.S as far as I’m concerned. Why NCAA Division I football won’t embrace the idea of a playoff system is beyond me and this season should be a prime example of why such a format is needed. The powers that be in college football should be ashamed of themselves – how long are you going to drag this sport down and hold fans throughout the country hostage? People want a clear-cut winner and it’s not rocket science to figure out how it should be done. All of the lower-level divisions in college football have a playoff system. It... Read More
On a night that many critics said that it would be the end of the warriors ride to 500, the Warriors once again left them with their feet in their mouth. Coming into the game on the backs of “Captain Jackson” (Stephen Jackson) and “The Body Guard” Baron Davis, it was obvious that there was definitely work ahead for the Golden Sate Warriors, who’s game up until this night had been fueled my passion. The Warriors established the usual up beat tempo of the game and kept Houston on its heels for a majority of the period. Elusiveness and speed both on defense and offense, allowed... Read More

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