Monday, November 20, 2017

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This whole Bowl Championship Series (BCS) thing is a big load B.S as far as I’m concerned. Why NCAA Division I football won’t embrace the idea of a playoff system is beyond me and this season should be a prime example of why such a format is needed. The powers that be in college football should be ashamed of themselves – how long are you going to drag this sport down and hold fans throughout the country hostage? People want a clear-cut winner and it’s not rocket science to figure out how it should be done. All of the lower-level divisions in college football have a playoff system. It... Read More
On a night that many critics said that it would be the end of the warriors ride to 500, the Warriors once again left them with their feet in their mouth. Coming into the game on the backs of “Captain Jackson” (Stephen Jackson) and “The Body Guard” Baron Davis, it was obvious that there was definitely work ahead for the Golden Sate Warriors, who’s game up until this night had been fueled my passion. The Warriors established the usual up beat tempo of the game and kept Houston on its heels for a majority of the period. Elusiveness and speed both on defense and offense, allowed... Read More
The JB Group along with The Hong Kong Tennis Patron’s Association (TPA) proudly announced JB Group Classic Tennis annual champion’s tournament in Jan’08. The JB Group and TPA is delighted to welcome Venus Williams, Wimbledon Champion. She returns to Hong Kong for the 5th times, Global star Maria Sharapova, French Open finalist Ana Ivanovic who’s World No.4 and Russian World No.7 Anna Chakvetadze, who has won 4 WTA tournaments this year and all four have qualified for the year end WTA finals. World No.9 Daniela Hantuchova appears in Hong Kong for the first time and World No.11, Elena Dementieva... Read More
That's all I keep hearing about with today's athletes and the use of steroids to achieve goals. Times are tough regardless! Why take easy street to surpass records? Here's the deal... If you worked hard to get to the top, you got to keep working hard to stay at the top. Plain and pure F'in simple. In December of 1925 Babe Ruth did something that no other ball player at the time would do. He got himself a personal trainer. He joined Artie McGovern's gymnasium in New York City which catered to the wealthy, including world heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey. The Babe was only 30 years old and had... Read More
Barry Bonds was indicted on federal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice yesterday, striking a blow against baseball's all-time home run leader in his ongoing struggle against allegations of steroid use. The indictment, which many people felt was fading fast and would never happen, is finally here. This is not just local or regional news, this is a report that has taken a spot on the worldwide stage. President Bush even issued a statement yesterday about the indictment. When was the last time you heard a U.S. President comment about a baseball-related incident? This is big, no doubt... Read More
Michael Jordan got taken to the hoop and slammed on like never before this week when his ex-wife Juanita scored a $168 million dollar settlement. Jordan made history on the basketball court and has now done it again in a different court. A winner in life but obviously a loser in the game of love, MJ erred when he evidently didn’t make Juanita sign a pre-nuptial agreement back when the couple tied the knot in 1984. What are these athletes and celebrities thinking about when they fail to get pre-nups? Are they crazy or just duped into thinking that their significant others won’t try to take... Read More

I recognize, that from time to time, I am prone to bouts of hyperbole. Despite what you may think, I am keenly aware of my flair for the dramatic -- especially in my reflective prose. But if you will forgive the excesses of my writing past, please indulge me this piece. Fans of the just and right often have little to cheer over. Those who stand on principle often go wanting, as the vast majority of outcomes in our lives are the result of all-too-real social and fiscal economics. After all, we are the society which bore the primacy of the free market -- we can hardly expect the goodness... Read More

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