Monday, September 24, 2018

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The biggest hit of the baseball season thus far was not hit by Derek Jeter or Manny Ramirz, no by Ken Griffey Jr. Instead, the biggest hit of the year so far was hit on April 11 by a high school senior out of Freedom, Pennsylvania by the name of John Challis.

The signifance of this?

John Challis was diagnosed with liver cancer in June of 2006 and only had no more than five months to live.

"Doc says it could be two months, could be two years," Challis says.

The kid who originally quit baseball when he was 13 because he kept getting beaned was the smallest cornerback... Read More

McCovey Cove used to be one of the really fun things about going to AT&T Park and seeing a San Francisco Giants game. With all the boats and activity, it was like a big pool party. I hadn’t seen that many drunks on the water since my last booze cruise or since the annual houseboat trip I take to Lake Shasta each summer.

It was a raucous crowd in rowboats, kayaks, floating dirigibles, ski boats – I even saw a guy one time floating around in a wash basin. The interplay among the sea faring revelers was one of the most fun aspects of the whole affair, especially when... Read More

When I saw Eight Belles put down Saturday at the Kentucky Derby after breaking both of his front ankles, I swore off horse racing then and there. I used to be a big fan of the sport, and believe me, I have given the track a lot of my cash over the years, but when I saw that incredibly beautiful animal being killed, it broke my heart. These scumbags will never get another penny from me, that's for certain.

Two years ago, the world was shocked at the Preakness by the awful shattering of 2006 Derby winner Barbaro’s right hind leg. They tried to save that horse but failed. And now... Read More

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a postseason roll. They look pretty formidable right now, but the question on every Laker’s fan mind is—can this team win it all with out Andrew Bynum? The young center was supposed to be back from injury a month ago, but now it appears as though he might not be returning at all.

It hasn’t hurt them so far in the series against Denver. The Lakers have dominated every aspect of the series and shut down the Nuggets’ two big scorers—Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson. But, if and when they have to play teams like Utah, San Antonio... Read More

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, and for me this is always one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. I grew up sixty miles from Detroit, so I remember watching Hockey Night in Canada and not just when the playoffs began. To me, very few sporting events can match the excitement of an overtime hockey playoff game. However, I realize I am in the minority with that opinion. Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio basically says that he ignores hockey because everyone else does. In a way, I get that. He seems like a very mass appeal sort of guy. Listening to his show, he only seems to like something... Read More

His ten year career, .311 career batting average and 137 home runs don't truly mark how special a career Jackie Robinson had, let alone the impact he had on the game of baseball.

The man who broke baseball's color barrier a year ago yesterday was celebrated by Major League Baseball yesterday with seven whole teams wearing Jackie's 42 and several players including Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., Gary Sheffield and Grady Sizemore wearing number 42.

However, with Jackie Robinson's accomplishment fresh in our minds, it is not as fresh on the field as Jackie would've liked.

The... Read More

Alright fight fans! I have a special treat for you. I was introduced to Bennie while doing my research on Jimmy Doyle. He was around at the time Doyle was fighting in Los Angeles. I called him up and he gave me his knowledge of what he remembers of Doyle. After our conversation was over about Jimmy Doyle, I began to feel a connection with Bennie that somehow I got to know him on a personal level and could get a story about him. I called him back a few days later because he wanted to find out about a certain answer in regards to my Doyle research. I took a chance and asked him "Can we meet up... Read More

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