Friday, April 20, 2018

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NFL Play60 Kids’ Day At NFL Experience

My journey to Tampa, Florida to cover events leading up to Super Bowl XLIII has come to an end. I return to Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. I had a marvelous journey here for NFL Experience presented by Bank of America and Super Bowl Media Day for the six days that I was in Tampa, Florida.

My exciting journey began several hours after I landed with a Media Tour of the grounds of the NFL Experience presented by Bank of America on Friday, January 23. The skilled tradesmen and women did a great job of getting the area set-up before... Read More

Super Bowl Media Day at Raymond James Stadium

They arrived by bus, boat, jet or car. I’m referring to the plethora of international media who converged on the field of Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl Media Day.

We were once again fortunate to have pleasant weather for this event. The thousands of reporters on the sideline of the field made it seem much hotter.

The Super Bowl Media Corp was gathered together to see and asks questions of members of the Super Bowl teams-Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburg Steelers.

Super Bowl XLIII has some history... Read More

Youthful Spirit at Super Bowl XLIII Week

Tampa-The nation and the world's attention has its site on my

hometown/place of birth, after the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington D.C.

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida is the site of Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

The weather in Tampa is pleasant mid 70's.This a welcome respite from the freezing temperature of a week ago.

There is a mind boggling, dizzying variety of events throughout the city leading up to the big game. Current... Read More

It was bound to happen. Somewhere along the line, someone was not likely to to be happy about the Arizona Cardinals going to the Super Bowl. Who knew it would be an Arizona Cardinal?Arizona Cardinal Anquan Boldin got in to a shouting match with the team's offensive coordinator, Todd Haley during Sunday's NFC Championship game. That wasn't enough for Boldin. According to CBS Sports' Mike Freeman, Boldin, "tried to ruin the [Cardinal's] Super Bowl celebration with his childishness." Freeman even went so far as to call Boldin a "jackass".When time ran out on the game, Boldin bolted from the... Read More

I know major league baseball is on hiatus and that the NFL, NBA and NHL are on center stage right now, but for seam heads like myself, baseballl is a year-round fascination.

I have interviewed almost 50 retired major league baseball players throughout the years and few have made me feel as comfortable as Nate Oliver. A soft-spoken and extremely articulate man, I have talked to him on several occasions after meeting with him initially in early 2005. His stories of his years as a player and a coach are both fascinating and candid.

Nate is the son of Jim Oliver Sr., who had played... Read More

A left-handed hitter who threw right-handed, Herman Franks broke into baseball with the Hollywood Stars of the Pacific Coast League in 1932, but he was soon acquired by the St. Louis Cardinals and joined their large farm system. All you really need to know about his playing career was that he played primarily as a backup and finished with a batting average of .199 with three home runs in 188 games over parts of six seasons. In 1949 Franks landed his first coaching assignment, as an aide to Leo Durocher with the New York Giants. He was a member of two National League championship clubs (1951,... Read More

By AmyO

The buzz began at about 2 pm on the afternoon of Oct. 20. posted a rumor that the 49ers were firing head coach Mike Nolan and he would be replaced by assistant coach and defensive lineman coach Mike Singletary after Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Fans began to rejoice at the possibility as many of had been waiting for this moment for a long time. About 4 hours later, that rumor became reality when the 49ers announced Nolan was fired and Singletary would be taking over.

Today in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sports Columnist Ray Ratto said the decision was... Read More

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