Friday, December 15, 2017

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Writing for the motorcyle industry has a few perks along the way. When I entered a motorcycle show recently, we ran into two exceptionally beautiful, articulate and engaging young ladies. We realized instantly that they actually knew quite a bit about the motorcycle they were standing in front of. Quickly we learned that the two models, Shelby and Sara, actually work on bikes themselves and it is surely no joke. Both of them are learning to become certified TIG welders and they know how to do more than basic service on a wide range of motorcycles.

Gorgeous women who can also fix bikes?... Read More

Like chess in many baseball games it is difficult to identify the specific moves that resulted in vicotry. In Game 1 of the World Series, Tony La Russa, the manager for the Cardinals, made the right move. Perhaps it was his history of identifying patterns that resulted in a calculated play from one of the smartest managers in the league or perhaps it was fate.

Either way St. Louis came out on top. They carefully protected a lead run scored off of the bat of pinch-hitter Allen Craig's in the 6th inning by using a number of relievers to carry them to a final to a 3-2 victory against... Read More

Texas just isn't a state where sports plays a huge part in the culture. Yes there are some great sport's teams in Texas though unlike certain cities and states where the entire region seems to morph and come alive when a team gets into the finals Texans have a somewhat non-chalante attitude towards their teams. There are some die-hard fans of-course, though one wouldn't know that much has changed in a Texas city when one of the teams does make it to the finals. Living in Texas, the only thing I knew about a Texas baseball team, was that our former president Junior was the manager of one... Read More

I've recently been doing these Top 5 lists, because everyone does Top 10 Lists and hey--I'm tired. So, I asked sports broadcaster Gary Radnich to give me the top 5 things that have most affected his career and personal life. Gary Radnich has survived and thrived for more than 26 years in the Bay Area sports broadcasting scene, as the sports director at KRON-TV, a radio host on KNBR “The Sports Leader” and as a sports commentator for Comcast SportsNet. He’s an icon, a legend and still standing after many years, because while the technology and everyone around him has changed, Radnich has always... Read More

MMA Conditioning Training Routines Used by The Pro's

MMA Conditioning Training can be very tough to perform, but you will be amazed at how quickly your levels of fitness and endurance improve.

Apart from that it will significantly improve muscular endurance. If you do not have the capacity to fight continuously for a set period of time, then you are not going to win that fight. Even if you are not involved in actual competition, it is a great method of exercising if you want to burn lots of fat and really improve your levels of fitness.

What is the underlying principle... Read More

Major League Baseball is taking the unusual step of wresting control of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team recently paralyzed by its owners' bitter divorce. Thank God! A new day for the Dodgers started yesterday. Watch them now go on a long winning strike, unburdened by an owner who was running his team like a bad Denny’s franchise.

I’ve said for many years that you can fire your front office people, managers/coaches, and cut or trade all your players, but what happens when the team’s owner has to go? Examples over the years include the late Georgia Frontiere, (LA Rams); the late Marge... Read More

I recently wrote about Lefty O’Doul, a San Francisco baseball legend who deserves be in the Hall of Fame, I believe. Another player/manager who should be in the HOF is the late Gil Hodges. His statistics and contributions to the game as a manager and as a role model make him more than merely a candidate. The Marina has a connection to Hodges, because Gil Hodges III, Gil’s grandson, is well-known in the neighborhood as a co-owner of Liverpool Lil’s. Gilbert Hodges played first base primarily for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. He was the major leagues' outstanding first baseman in the... Read More

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