Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Late October in Washington, D.C. is a beautiful time with the changing colors of the landscape from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains. With the greens fast changing to reds, ocher and gold, the maples and other deciduous foliage dropping their leaves, the ground becomes a reddish gold carpet. Many residents including politicians, sports fans and nature lovers find it a perfect time to commune with nature. This year is like most as the temperature quickly drops and the wind sweeps the leaves which waft gently to the ground. And like last year, Redskin fans have more to... Read More

Football is for lovers? Football reminds me of cool, crisp nights sitting on the bleachers and necking with your favorite boy toy, right? But what happens when you get married and all your boy toy wants to do now is neck with his favorite team and a can of brew or two? Ack!

Now there’s help. Football is for Lovers is the latest humorous book by the writing team, Robert Brooker and Kathleen O’Dougherty.

We interviewed them to find out more about their book and why we need it so.

Thank you for this interview, Robert and Kathleen. How long... Read More

Does anyone want to buy an authentic Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons NFL jersey? I paid about $200 for it, but you can have it cheap. Please respond soon because if I can't sell it quickly, I'll burn it. When I found out the other day that Vick is involved in the so-called "sport" of dog fighting, I suddenly lost all interest in the man and his spotty football career. Already a problem child, Michael Vick, it appears, is a member of a sick segment of our society that thinks it’s cool to watch innocent, helpless animals attempt to kill each other. I have never seen the attraction to something... Read More

The playoffs have been a hell of a ride so far, but for me a cloud has hovered over them. This cloud descended on the day after the regular season ended. December 31st, 2006- The last day of the regular season. The Denver Broncos need to win in order to be in the playoffs. They're playing the imminently beatable San Francisco 49ers and they're playing them on their home field, so things look good for the home team. Unfortunately for Denver, the 49ers don't cooperate with their plans and beat the Broncos in overtime. It was the last day of 2006, and of the 2006 regular season and now... Read More

It may have been difficult to tell, but they'd never done this before. Before Saturday, neither Ben Olson nor John David Booty had much experience at the helm for UCLA or USC (respectively), much less started a game. By day's end, though, both had led their teams to impressive victories. In his first start for the Bruins, Olson completed 25 of 33 passes for 318 yards and threw for three touchdowns in UCLA's 31-10 victory over visiting Utah Saturday afternoon at the Rose Bowl. Not only was it Olson's first start, Saturday was the first time he had taken a snap in a game since committing to... Read More

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Raiders, Allen Ready to 'Rock and Roll' in 2014

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Raiders, Allen Ready to 'Rock and Roll' in 2014

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