Friday, October 19, 2018

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This year's playoffs features more parity than in any recent seasons. Will Wild Card teams like Green Bay and the Jets go deep in the brackets? Or will the leading teams (New Orleans & Indy) reach the Promised Land called the Super Bowl? Get your fantasy playoff rosters and your score squares ready, because here I go:

First Round:

Jets vs. Bengals: The Jets are hot and their defense is tough! Jets win!

Ravens vs. Pats: Baltimore is better and improving, but Brady and Moss will prevail. Pats!

Eagles vs. Cowboys: Dallas is ready and primed to make a run & Philly... Read More

'Tis the eve of the playoffs, and oh boy what a scene,

Still thirteen teams trying to earn Game Seventeen,

The Chargers and Vikings and Eagles have berths,

And the Colts, Saints, and Cards have all proven their worth,

But with six spots remaining and two weeks to play,

Who will survive to compete one more day?

The NFC only has three teams to choose,

With two wild card invites for team ball clubs to lose,

Barring collapses of epic proportions,

Even Dallas won't suffer December contortions,

For the Cowboys and Packers both... Read More

In most ways, December in Dallas is just like the last month of the year in any other American city. In the state where everything is bigger, holiday shopping checkout lines and discounts are Texas-sized. Christmas still comes on December 25th, and despite the inhospitable habitat for reindeer, Rudolph and the gang still drop Santa off at every rooftop across D-Town. There will be parties for hosting, marshmallows toasting, and caroling - not out in the snow.

Yet, despite most of the season's wonderfulness, Dallas rues the 31 days of December more than Whoville resents The Grinch. In... Read More

When the announcement that everyone expected was finally spoken, just about everyone who was listening from Idaho to Texas to, well, everywhere in the United States, uttered the same exasperated sound: "UGH!" Any noise that varied from this syllable probably conveyed some combination of expletives.

Every year, when officials announce the pairings for the five Bowl Championship Series games, the nation shares a collective moment of disappointment. Feeling cheated by the BCS system has evolved into a kneejerk reaction for sports fans across America. Like breathing and sleeping, it just... Read More

In August, the inconspicuous Week 13 matchup between Philadelphia and Atlanta suddenly became a national headline when the Eagles signed Michael Vick.

By the morning of Sunday December 6th, after nine anticlimactic games of wholly unimpressive play, Vick's return to the city he once owned - the city he so badly disappointed - was just another pregame show story. With the Colts and Saints attempting to preserve unblemished records, Vince Young going for an unbelievable sixth-straight win as the Titans resurgent quarterback, and Brett Favre trying to continue breaking Packers fans' hearts... Read More

When the Tennessee Titans travel to Indianpolis for their highly anticipated bout with the undefeated Colts this Sunday, we will all find out if this whole Vince Young Era 2.0 is indeed a legitimate upgrade.

Given the 2006 third-overall pick's intriguing storyline this season - miraculously leading a team that was mired in utter failure at 0-6 back into playoff contention with five straight wins - it is no wonder that sports reporters, Cinderella sweethearts, and anyone who just likes a feel-good story are all rooting for more magic. Without a doubt, beating the unblemished Peyton Manning... Read More

Every Sunday THE GUYS gear up for a day of bone crunching hits, dazzling moves, clutch plays, irate coaches and crazed fans. Yes, we like our football as much as the rest of this country does. It’s absolutely become America’s pastime, supplanting baseball long ago as the sport we obsess over. Football used to be just for men, but that’s changed. Men and women plan parties around the weekly Sunday lineup.

We know some women who actually like the games (we love that), but even the women that don’t care, seem to enjoy watching their husbands or boyfriends revert back to little boys, screaming... Read More

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