Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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I'm getting used to the embarrassment now - so it's not bothering me so much to make my obviously ridiculous picks :) Maybe this week, I should just pick against my head and go with heart - that might work out better. I doubt it though and it's Halloween on Sunday - sounds like the perfect recipe for some freaked out games. Here we go!

DEN @ SF - The Broncos continue their mediocre to plain awful play, but somehow the 49ers are worse. Broncos win.

JAC @ DAL - Kitna....gets the win. Could it be that Romo is the problem for the Boys? You be the judge.

MIA @ CIN - A hard... Read More

The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants G-Men on Monday night and while the outcome was what I expected, the reasons were totally different. Life changes at warp speed sometimes, and in sports it is most especially true.

The Cowboys had actually tried to make a game of it before halftime. They even led the game for a minute. And then, the Cowboys world was changed in seconds. Tony Romo was taken to the ground and landed on his left, non-throwing shoulder and it fractured his clavicle. That took an already shaky emotional team without a real leader and left them without a quarterback.... Read More

The Vikings lost to the Packers 28 to 24 on Sunday and although both teams made their share of errors, the reason the Vikings lost is Brett Favre, plain and simple.

Favre threw 3 interceptions during the game and made numerous bad passes outside of that, like the one at the end of the game out of bounds. But it was a pair of interceptions in the 3rd quarter that cost the Vikings the win. Those 2 interceptions were turned into touchdowns by the Packers. Those two interceptions cost the Vikings the game. Those two interceptions were thrown by Favre.

I'm getting pretty tired... Read More

Sports Illustrated ran a poll with 239 NFL players voting on the most overrated players in the game. Overwhelmingly, the players voted for Terrell Owens. Somewhere, in a dark room TO is saying to himself, they still love to hate me.

TO has never been one to accept any responsibility for the way others perceive him. He thinks they are all just picking on him. He doesn't think he's ever been a distraction or problem for any team. He thinks it's all someone else and how they love to hate him because he's so much better than they are. Apparently, a majority of NFL players doesn't think... Read More

Upset that the NFL might remove his ability to commit felonious assault with a national audience as material witnesses, and convinced that he is somehow “Special” James Harrison, the Pittsburgh Steelers head hunting linebacker had his feelings hurt when his unique skills, if maiming another human being is a viable job skill and not merely the extenuating circumstance sentencing judges use to incarcerate a convicted felon, James has announced he might just retire from the NFL.

Harrison's helmet to helmet hit on Josh Cribbs in Last Sunday’s game between the Steelers and the Browns established... Read More

This weekend, the fans in the National Football League were treated to one of the most brutal and deliberate series of helmet on helmet hits in recent memory. At a time when medical experts have conclusive evidence that these “ILLEGAL” hits could cripple someone, that the long term prognosis for those who suffer these hits is both degenerative and cumulative, there are those who believe this violent element of the game is in fact, what defines the game. Is this child’s game, played by some of the most superb athletes on the planet really nothing more than blood sport? Is this game so important... Read More

The new rules coming out of the NFL are absolutely ridiculous. Well half of them are. But that half is heading the NFL straight to flag football.

The head shots rule is already a rule. There is a rule already on the books for helmet to helmet hits. It's very obvious to see a helmet to helmet hit. It's even pretty easy to tell if a guy meant to do it or if it was just an accident. The Dunta Robinson hit was not intentional. The hit on Joshua Cribbs was. It's just that simple and easy to deter

mine. These hits should be officiated. These hits are more dangerous than your... Read More

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