Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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I am not so naive to believe that this kind of thing hasn't gone on forever or that it continues to go on to this very minute. There is always someone looking to make a buck off an athlete. And there are athletes who are always looking for ways to skirt the rules. The story just broke yesterday on Kenny Rogers' "allegedly" trying to get close to 200 grand to get Cam Newton to come to Mississippi State to play football. But the story has been around for a lot longer than that, it's just taken the NCAA this long to start really doing something about it.

Allegedly, Cam Newton met Kenny... Read More

So, the only team to claim Randy Moss was the Tennessee Titans. Once again, everyone is SO excited. The very same words being uttered. Randy opens up the field. Randy draws defenders. Randy can really help our team. Heard that before recently?

The only real difference between the Titans and Vikings picking up Randy Moss, besides the fact the Titans didn't have to give up anything or pay any money, is that the Titans coach isn't a guy who has let his team and QB run the show and run over him. Jeff Fisher is about as far from Brad Childress as a coach as Kobe Bryant is from just... Read More

Two matchups this weekend that are going to be excellent – or at least they look like they will on paper. One is for dominance of both the NFC South and possibly the entire NFC and the other is a smash mouth fight for the AFC West.

In the NFC South, the Falcons are currently on top of the standings just above the Buccaneers by virtue of standings in the division with the Falcons at 1-0 and the Bucs at 1-1. The Bucs have been making a lot of noise about how they are the best team in the entire NFC, while the Falcons have just been going about their business….more under the radar. The... Read More

Look, I seriously have ZERO idea what is going on with the Vikings. It's almost as if they have a compulsive need to be in the headlines. It's like the entire organization is peopled by narcissists. This team is 2-5 and ALL they ever do is create some sort of drama for themselves instead of trying to work to fix their problems with winning. I just do not get it.

Yesterday, allegedly, apparently, the Vikings let Randy Moss go. However, Brad Childress apparently did this without talking to Vikings front office management. The Vikings didn't have Moss on the waiver wire by the deadline... Read More

"Unfortunately, sometimes a negative becomes a positive."

92 points in the last two games after an embarrassing nine point effort in San Francisco in week six is the "negative [becoming] the positive."

The Raiders have outscored both Denver and Seattle a combined 92-17 during the recent two game win streak and the scoring momentum does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Last season, it took Oakland eight weeks into the season to total over 90 points. That's including a 38-0 shutout loss to the New York Jets in week seven. (For those who forgot, that's the Sanchez-hot dog... Read More

Let's say Kitna leads the Cowboys to a win against the Jags today. Let's say he does it in convincing fashion. Let's say he gets the most out of a very talented Cowboys team who has yet to show what they really have under Romo. What if Kitna wins? What then?

For the longest time, I've thought that the Cowboys issues were multiple and internal. That there were several players who didn't want to play with each other. That there were several players who didn't like each other. I was never a believer that the Cowboys problems were the coach. I thought they were between the players,... Read More

The NFL standings after week 8 haven’t changed that much, but there is some movement to be noted. Some teams seem to be clicking on all cylinders and some just keep misfiring.

AFC East Team

New England Patriots 6 1

New York Jets 5 2

Miami Dolphins 4 3

Buffalo Bills 0 7

The Patriots have taken over the top of the division. Look familiar? Well most people are still discounting them. The talking heads say the Pats are weak on defense, make mistakes, don’t know what kind of team they are, blah, blah, blah. Who’s winning? The Pats. That’s all that... Read More

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