Friday, October 19, 2018

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The weekly humiliation - brought to you courtesy of Northern Illinois who beat down Toledo with 65 points. I did much better last week maybe by the end of the season I will get them all right!

Indiana at No. 7 Wisconsin - Wisconsin

No. 13Iowa at Northwestern - Iowa

No. 24 Kansas State at No. 17 Missouri - Kansas State in the upset

No. 14 Utah at Notre Dame - Utah

Georgia at No. 2 Auburn - Auburn but wouldn't it be something if Georgia upset them?!

Penn State at No. 9 Ohio State - Ohio State

Texas Tech at No. 16 Oklahoma - Oklahoma

No.... Read More

Monday Night Football Coverage now starts about two days before the game and the four hour lead-in does little more than aggravate the average viewer. This is due in no small part to the participation of Suzy Kolber and Stuart Scott. Tiring of the in-depth and hard hitting analysis provided by these two, the viewer, will no doubt arrive at a point where boredom kicks in and idle minds turn to speculation about such things as “Could Suzy Kolber kick Stuart Scott’s Ass in a fair fight”?

This Fight would is no doubt be one of those affairs where most are hoping for a protracted and hotly... Read More

The Cowboys issues a lot bigger than Wade Phillips. Firing him and replacing him with Jason Garrett is not going to cure the Cowboys troubles. In fact, it just may make some of them worse and here's why.

Phillips was a long time head coach. He had experience. He had knowledge. He had earned the ability to get respect. He had been around the corral a few times. And yet, his players did not respect him. They didn't listen. They did just what they wanted to little as possible.

Now the Cowboys bring in a coach who is 20 years younger with very little experience.... Read More

Roger Goodell the son of a U.S. Senator and from a prominent, politically connected family that obviously had a few markers to call in is the current commissioner of the National Football League. This means that just about every distasteful thing involving the NFL starts with “Today the NFL announced” and ends with “by Commissioner Roger Goodell”. So except for being the barer of bad news, getting really good seats at NFL Games and being interviewed by the “B” team at ESPN (Suzy Kolber is so underutilized), what exactly does the commissioner actually do?

Evidently, about 1925, the owners... Read More

If you recall, I said when TO and Ochocinco ended up on the same team that it would be about 6 games before it started to unravel. I was off a few games, but I was right. Only, I had it backwards. It's Ochocinco that's the problem, not TO.

In Monday night's game between the Bengals and Steelers, the Steelers had the game won, like so many games this weekend, but then they let the Bengals back in it. TO had the bulk of the Bengals receptions with 10 catches for 141 yards and 2 TDs. Ochocinco had 1 catch for 15 yards. As the Bengals were trying to come back, Ochocinco was all up in... Read More

Football like sex, is a game that every generation believes it “Invented”. Although the game is well over one hundred years old, and the modern helmet design barely thirty, many fans mistakenly believe helmet-to-helmet hits are a “part of the game” and fret that eliminating these hits will Sissify the game. Fact is, fairly recent technological advances in helmet design enabled defensive players to use their helmets illegally as weapons. And to be clear: it is the lack of risk to the defensive players that emboldens them to use their helmets in this manner.

Perhaps some history is in... Read More

Here we go - the weekly installment of NFL embarrassment. However, I think I'm getting better. Last week, I missed only 3 picks. Let's hope this week I do the same or even better - that would be surprising!

NYJ @ DET - Even though the Lions won last week with the return of Stafford, they won't win this week. They will however make a game of it as they are much better than their record indicates. Jets win.

MIA @ BAL - Huge defensive showdown between these two teams. It could come down to the last play of the game. I think the Ravens win, but the Dolphins have just as much... Read More

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