Monday, January 21, 2019

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All day today I've been asked the same question by seemingly every person I've come across, "What happened to your Phillies?" I give most a straight answer. "Well, they seemed to have forgotten how to hit, and their pitching just isn't what it was last year." To some I just lie and say, "They're just setting us up for a miraculous comeback."

The falsity of my statement doesn't lie in the fact that it would take a miracle for them to sweep the final three games and come out on top in this best of seven series. That is all too true. It is a lie because no sane person, not even the hardest... Read More

Saturday night’s rain delay in cold and miserable weather reminded fans that the season and play offs extend too long in the year to make World Series games on the East coast pleasurable. Yankee fans who attended the game or stayed up to watch it on TV enjoyed the outcome as their team bested the Phillies with an 8 - 5 win. On nights like last night, the cold seems worse when your team falls and the Phillies fans had to feel the chill much worse than Yankee fans.

The star studded and expensive payroll laden Yankees were able to put away the game despite 2 home runs from Philly slugger... Read More

There are those who say the Yankees where pinstripes because they make the opposing batters dizzy. The fact is, however, that on Thursday night it was the pitching of A.J. Burnett that kept the Phillies batters off balance. In the biggest game of his career, Burnett put on quite a show as he held the Phillies to one run through seven innings in a game that the Yanks ultimately took 3-1.

It was his curveball--which started outside and seemingly at the last moment would drop down and over the outside corner of the plate--that gave many of the Phillies batters trouble. This nasty curve... Read More

After going 25 years without a winning a championship, Philadelphia sports fans finally learned what it felt like to win last year when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. As Brad Lidge struck out the final batter to clinch the series, all of the doubt and anxiety that was engrained in the collective psyche of Philly fans disappeared. And, what years of tears--and in some cases therapy--could not rid us of was suddenly washed away and replaced by an unfamiliar and exhilarating confidence.

This confidence seems to be shared by the Phillies who have been unstoppable so far in the 2009... Read More

Jim Gentile, also nicknamed "Diamond Jim", is a former Major League Baseball first baseman and left-handed batter who played with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers (1957-58); Baltimore Orioles (1960-63), Kansas City Athletics (1964-65), Houston Astros (1965-66) and Cleveland Indians (1966).

A powerful slugger listed at 6' 4", 215 lb, Gentile languished for eight years in the minors for a Dodgers team that already had All-Star Gil Hodges in first base. Traded to Baltimore, Gentile enjoyed his best season in 1961, hitting a career-highs .302 batting average, 46 home runs, 141 runs batted... Read More

After a two-year medical ordeal and a blooper-reel first inning that prolonged the agony, Jason Schmidt pitched the Dodgers to victory Monday night.

And who thought that would ever happen again? Surely not I. I figured Schmidt was finished a long time ago, but evidently there’s still a little something left in the tank. He will undoubtedly never be the dominant hurler he once was, but if he can win a few games down the stretch for the Dodgers as their fifth starter, we’ll take it!

If Schmidt can step up, it means the Dodgers may not have to trade for another starting... Read More

With little surprise the Washington Nationals fired their embattled manager, Manny Acta after a couple of seasons of mediocrity and this year terrible play. His termination was preordained by the decisions - or lack thereof - of the general manager and the baseball executives who report to the owners, the Lerner Family. The Nationals entered the season without a pitching staff and proved that you can't win without competent pitching, especially a bull pen that cannot protect one run leads.

As the season worked its way to the All Star break, the rumor of Acta's impending doom became louder.... Read More

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