Sunday, October 21, 2018

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As Burly Bonds moves in on Honest Aaron's record of 755 home runs, there has been considerable clamor about baseball players, among others, using performance-enhancing steroids to elevate their play. The mapping of the human genome has opened up a myriad of possibilities for the future of humanity. Generally, the potentiality of cures for various diseases takes center stage today. But off lurking in the weeds are other issues.

For, in cracking our own genome, we have the possibility of finding cures for the truckload of emotional and mental disorders that have plagued mankind in perpetuity.... Read More

O'Malley publicly said that he was selling the team because his children weren't interested in running the club. He also said that Major League Baseball was fast turning into a money losing proposition. There might be some truth to these notions, but I believe there are bigger, darker reasons behind O'Malley's departure. Peter O'Malley -- and his father before him -- represented the finest ownership in all of professional sports. Possibly only the Pittsburgh Steeler's father & son team (Art and Dan Rooney) compare. Regardless of your interest in baseball, anyone in LA who knew the name... Read More

Greg Maddux picked up his 330th career victory and led the Dodgers to a milestone of their own as they beat the Cincinnati Reds, 7-3, in a series sweep Wednesday night. The win set a franchise record for the Dodgers. Their 21 wins in August are the most in any month since moving to Los Angeles in 1958. And their 71 victories on the season match their total for all last year. Maddux was his usual efficient self, throwing 77 pitches over seven innings, 54 of them strikes. He also made a couple of great defensive plays--turning a double play off a comebacker in the second and making the final... Read More

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