Sunday, July 22, 2018

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I saw Allan again today. I can't go to The Bank anymore without seeing him. Can't help thinking that the entire evening had been a Catch-22, just waiting to happen.

A few months back, (7 months, 2 weeks and 4 days to be exact) Allan and I had gone out for the evening. We hit up our usual haunts; Redline, Scavenger, Bar-Hops, etc. At The Bank, Allan had this strange feeling that someone had been following us.

He was a tall, lanky fellow. About 6' 3"; couldn't have weighed more than 135 lbs, soaking wet, with bricks in his pockets. Longest goddamn trenchcoat I had ever seen. It... Read More

Today I am thinking of writing about a lady I never met and I have been contemplating for long to write about her. I have don’t have any relation with this lady but somewhere in my mind she exists. I just don’t know what‘s the connection but she is there in my mind as tired and haggard lady. The first time my friend Barb and I talked about this lady I pictured her in my mind. That day I got into my frame to write about her but somehow couldn’t do so. Today I got up and while shaving suddenly felt some familiarity knocking my mind…I again felt her in my thoughts…I wondered that how this lady... Read More

I stare at the first pink line and wait.

One, two thr– oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. A hand – the one attached to my arm, is shaking uncontrollably.

I’m only 19! I squeal.

It wasn’t my fault and

It broke and

I took the pill and

I followed all instructions and

I’m studying and

I don’t have a job and

I don’t have a home and

I have no money…and…and

I’m scared.

I close my eyes and hope this will appease the god I don’t believe in to take pity on me and stop the horror emerging in the little box. I peak through... Read More

Click. Swit.

The sounds soothes me. I immediately feel the tightness in my chest relax as I sink into bliss. I love my life. I bounce around with the colours that buzz around me – flick, flick, flitter-flutter. Always something new, always something different, each day exciting and yet its familiarity secures me. I scrunch my toes as I bathe in the pixels. Yup, I have all I need.


From the time I can remember I have sat like a yogi master in front of the box, control in one hand I felt as though I was ready to take on anything in the world. From this time, whenever... Read More

All witch’s cottage are not the same. As every flower is different from each other so are each witch from each other; and so are the dwellings they choose to live in.

I once met a witch who lived in a beautiful lot on the mountainside overlooking undisturbed forested mountains that housed many homes. Her home had spring water and solar energy. So close to people she lived; yet, nobody knew they had a witch for a neighbor!

But that’s not the norm, usually. More likely, you’ll find witches living deep in the forest. Most of the witches I’ve known lived there—in the forest; among... Read More

His grandfather was crazy. Corey knew it at a young age, hell, the whole street knew it. The last time he saw his grandfather was the day the old man stood on his front porch and yelling at him. He was playing with the neighbor kids as his father talked to the people across the street. They were complaining again about his grandfather. Corey stood behind his grandfather's car that was parked outside his fence as the gunshots rang out through the streets. Corey could see the impact points on the gravel, tearing like an invisible beast into the blacktop.

The kids scattered back home and... Read More

It's quite strange how we met. The patter of electronic signals passing through the lines. The sound of the computer fans buzzing by my ear. The moaning of the woman I was currently having sex with. Across from us was her husband who was having sex with a much younger girl. She was closer to my age then the couple was.

We stood outside the doorway to the apartment building fully dressed. "Got a ride?" I asked her. She seemed too innocent to be meeting strangers on the Internet and having sex with them. She just nodded her head no. "Neither do I," I said and she smiled. She was quiet... Read More

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