Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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Silken clouds float over the city below, reflected in the windows of the empty skyscrapers. Monumental works of man reaching for the sky, all empty and silent now. The streets below are quiet, nothing moves. The traffic lights continue their endless blinking from green to yellow to red, but there is no car that will ever use them again. No birds in the sky, no animals of any kind. The wind stirs the trash around. A city abandoned like every city on the planet, a few remains of the citizens lie on the sidewalks or in the street, some just sit forever frozen in their cars as if ready to drive... Read More

"Hello…is anyone here?” he calls loudly. No one answers but dust settles to score to establish place for existence. Acoustic display of his own feet marginalizes his call. No one has come here for long but he asks himself, why that door is left open. He was asked to come and he is here. The pretending silence at times, intends reasons to explore and he climbs up the stair. At the mezzanine floor he finds a door, half open. Reluctantly he pushes the door and the door opens with a slight squeak; he calls “Is anyone here?” Again, no one answers. He feels as if the house and things are lying there,... Read More

She thought; who was he? Why he was here? Why it took so many years? Why she accepted? It was not meant for, then why, she chose the purpose; when there was no purpose. Was that so bad? Why she let that happened? Answers are not coming and questions mocking her. Memories making inroads, words are crawling back from the buried times and time in its fury knew nothing that somewhere, sometime, somebody has weaved those words, to create a world, for the one, who was traveling noiselessly. From the far corner of her time, she picks up noise and surprisingly it turns into whispers and she cries.

... Read More

Driving her to the club once again, so tired from working all day and watching her all night. We parted with our usual exchange of kisses and hugs. I drove away, looking back at my Angel, her innocent looks were slowly changing, leaving a traces of fear and emptiness. My Angel, I want to take you away from all this. Gathering myself, like I always did when I had to leave her, I drove away slowly. The day I drove away faster than I came to her would be the end. Halfway home, my phone is ringing...its Angel, “Baby, don't come back, I’m staying here.” “What!” I screamed into the phone,... Read More

We walked out of the camps, no glances this time, no questioning looks, instead I could feel respect, an empowering feeling, especially for a man like myself, merely a subject of the Queen. My Queen now followed me, letting me lead for the first time, she was still in control, and where else should a shield be, but in front? I walked confidently, knowing the way back, my pants sagging a little from the weight of the black piece stuck in my waistband. It was nice that they filed down the sharp edges of the sight and other areas that might snag should I pull it out quick. Now the knight had a... Read More

Beast of Belly..a Burden

He howls loud, especially at night..shouting for release. Yelling to be free.

Pangs and miserable be heard.

Be still Jackal. I have nothing for you today.

Kicking me with his bent over slate toes..his withering varicose legs; distorted and cadaverous.

With long curled silver nails, he slashes stripes out of my intestines.

Grown accustomed to his pain..I ignore him.

Distressed he pleads.."I wanna get out..Please."

With a spoonful of sugar and the darkest rum, I try to soothe him. But, he... Read More

We made our way past improvised camps of itinerant cast-aways, their barrels burning, a social network of the basest sort. My queen looked out-of-place, as one with money and wherewithal always appears when in the company of poorer souls. Those souls who, though lacking money, had knowledge, knowledge of the street, a resource we needed, and motivated our journey through their living rooms. No one likes a stranger this deep in the underworld of the city. The looks I garnered, rivaled that of my queen, they scarcely giving her a glance that they might see through my disguise, which,... Read More

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