Monday, July 16, 2018

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Instead, she carefully funneled her husband's ashes into three elaborate bottles retaining the majority of the gritty substance for herself. What residue spilled onto the table, she tenderly swept back into the heavy box she'd received from the crematorium. The scent of boiling crawfish wafted from the back yard through her open window and she glanced outside at the crowd downstairs. Beer-drinking had begun and although the guests were subdued, she knew from experience they would remain so only until the alcohol began to take effect. Her brothers-in-law tended the boil and for them, she gathered... Read More

For ten thousand years it has stood upon the banks of Maldengeld. Its massive stones have withstood the test of time. So massive are they that it would take 500 men to move just one, it is said that it was built by a race of giants among these granite mountains. Its walls are perhaps 200 feet high, with the stones stacked upon one another so tightly that even a joint can not be easily seen, no doors or opening can be found about its walls, its walls are made of black obsidian stone, carried perhaps 300 miles from their quarry. The rutted path that was made can still be seen, even after all... Read More

Dear Doris,

My one and only... My world stops spinning before your beauty!

How was your weekend Sugar? Mine was.. well.. That will be on my next letter. Today its all about Turquoise 2.

If your memory is worth writing home about, you probably remember Women in Turquoise 1! If you don't remember this letter or you don't know about it at all, I suggest you go read it here

Lets start from known to unknown...

We already know this woman is my type... Padded and yellow and dresses in fine fabric perfumed with basil and myrrh and lavender and sage and camomile...... Read More

Dear Doris,

I would love to see you again, but I am a soul-less, will-less automation. I wish I could sneak away to your farm a let you coddle me. You would let me put my feet on the sofa wouldn't you?

That first paragraph is from a book I am currently reading called 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' by Mary and Annie.

How I have missed you my love! The hours I spend thinking about what we could have had... The sound of blood crushing against the wall of my breaking heart! Can you hear it?

I have so much to say but so slim a time frame to tell you... Read More

She called him and said “Be always there”…and he did not understan why she said this. He lived at the surface of his emotion, but beneath the surface, surprisingly, he with acquiescence in its inquisitive mode permitted a thought to be there. But "why does he need to be there?", he asked himself.

The chaotic life in its own way stifles the tender heart and he knew that the denial is the only way to avoid unjust trampling of the heart later. She called him again and said “Be always there” He wondered again, "where does he have to be and why? What is it that she is referring to?"

... Read More

She is on a bed…she moves her eyes restlessly…Why she is restless? Yes, no one looks at her… A lady comes out of a kitchen carrying a lunch pack and she loudly calls, “where are you Robin, come down immediately, you are getting late, you are going to miss your bus...come down my son.” “I am coming mom”…a boyish voice fills the room. An old lady on bed turns her face to...wards the room, from where the boy answered. And there, young boy comes out tucking his shirt…adjusting the neck tie and yells at his mother, “Come on mother…just see, today also you made me late, it’s your fault…Mama, you... Read More

For ten thousand years I have been here, waiting.

Always waiting, waiting for someone to come and release me so that I might die. In my mind it is only darkness now, but I remember a time long ago, when dragons filled the air, and faeries gathered in the forest. Perhaps it is only time that clouds my mind, and gives me these dreams. For ten thousand years I have had to endure her twisted lies, her fables and seductive lures. Long ago I pledged my soul to save the ones I loved.

“Why do you not love me? Am I not beautiful? Am I not your every desire? Release me from these chains... Read More

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