Saturday, September 22, 2018

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“When did you say this guy was supposed to pick us up?”

“Uhh, let’s see…about 35 minutes ago.”

“Your guides kind of late.”

“He’s not my guide, Bob Fisher recommended him to me, said he was a great guide and knew this area as if he owned it, helped him and some of his company clients get a couple of 7 point Elk last year. You remember Bob don’t you?”

“Yeah well, I just don’t like to be standing here waiting that’s all. I expect people to show up when they say they will. Bob Fisher? Yeah I remember him, a talkative little weasel if you ask me.”

“Well, from what... Read More

As soon as Dave had left Melody turned off the kitchen lights and watched anxiously through the windows, clutching her bathrobe tightly to her neck.

Dave steadily walked closer and closer to where the lights were, expecting to find a group of kids having a beer party. The lights were dimmer than flashlights and seemed to dance through the air. As he got nearer he could hear chanting and murmuring from a group of figures all dressed in full-length grey cloaks, their heads covered by the hoods. He crept closer to watch, being as careful as he could not to snap any branches underfoot as... Read More

Two months later Dave stood on the porch of his new home, waving goodbye to the truck driver of the moving company. Dave wandered into the front yard and looked back at the house, certainly was big he thought. The hole in the roof had been repaired as had the broken front window, part of the deal he had made in order to buy the place. Just temporary fixes he knew, but it was a start, Melody was inside busily unpacking boxes and putting things where she best thought they should go. The house had been thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning crew before the papers were signed, another of... Read More

“It’s not much to look at from the outside, it needs a little repair work. But the inside is still in wonderful condition, with all the original woodwork. Its barely been changed on the inside from when its was first built. Like I said it needs some work but it used to be the grandest house in town,” Lisa said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. “Come on come on lets go inside, I’m sure you’ll see. I have the key here someplace.” Lisa searched through her handbag, spilling misc. papers and a rusty key ring onto the ground.

“Oh, there they are,” said Lisa as she bent over to... Read More

“Melody, I’m home,” yelled Dave Lunder as he closed the door to the apartment.


“I’m in the bedroom,” replied Melody.

Dave put down his briefcase and walked the few feet into the master bedroom of their two bedroom apartment. An apartment filled with furniture and personal belongings. The spare bedroom was also crowded, with Melody’s potter’s wheel and small electric kiln. The spare room was brightly painted pink with images of

animals and faerie creatures hand painted on the walls, a reminder of what could have been. A small crib, clothing and stuffed animals... Read More

They say it fell straight from the stars and crashed into Puget Sound, and it made a tidal wave perhaps 100 ft high, with a surge that went inland for maybe a hundred miles, and it produced an earthquake of about 5.7 on the Reiter scale, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s what I heard anyway.

What I do know is this, that almost every scientist and astrophysicist from around the globe, wanted to get a look at this thing to see what it was, perhaps it was a meteorite or a piece of a comet, or maybe just some space junk that had fallen to the ground. Well anyway, they brought... Read More

“That’s him over there I tell you.”

“Your nuts, he doesn’t look anything like him.”

“I don’t even know why you guys bother, there’s no such person or tree.”

“There is I tell you, my brother-in-laws cousin saw it for himself and I’m telling you that old man knows where it is, he’s the only one who knows where it is.”

“Oh, yeah well if your brother-in law saw it, why doesn’t he know where it is?”

“It was my brother-in-laws' cousin.”

“Whatever…he’s lying.”

“He said he was blindfolded when he went there, that’s why.”

“Well, what did he tell... Read More

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