Saturday, July 21, 2018

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I sat upon my porch in my favorite deck chair, with not a care about me this night, I had completed my weekend chores, even tho the day had been hot and very humid. I completed them all, and now I rested as the evening sun departed behind the rolling hills unto the west. It had become much cooler now and a gentle mid-summers breeze did caress me as it traveled across my porch. Just an easy watcher was I, the northern sky was just beginning to lose its blue daylight color and I could see storm clouds filtering in from the east, mixing their darken hue with the early nighttime stars. A storm... Read More

Chris began to question the wisdom of this trip when the jerky stop at the rail-crossing had startled him into awakening. A green pine-tree like cardboard dangled from the mirror, exuding smell of bathroom spray. The air-conditioner was blasting cool air. Pink Floyd played quietly on the radio. It was an unfamiliar car. "Morning hunk. You awake?" The middle aged woman at the wheel, her white t-shirt tight against her flowing breasts, flipped open the lid of a cigarette pack, tapped it twice on her tanned thigh, and pointed the poking-out cigarette in Chris' direction. "Want a cigarette?"Too... Read More

Not long ago, towards the end of June on a Sunday if I remember, I had many chores to do, one of which was to weed my gardens so that flowers might grow, I had neglected them for many days now, and the weeds grew very dense, even at the outer fence. It was a pleasant day when I started this chore, of weeding and tilling, for not much more could I do. A beautiful day with not a cloud to be seen and a hue so blue. As anyone who gardens knows, weeds they do so like to grow, and it’s not a very pleasant task to be rid of them. There was I dutifully pulling a plenty, for I had neglected my garden... Read More

“What did you find?” asked Jim.

Alan just nodded at the two men and looked up.

“What the hell is that?”

“I’ve been standing here looking at it for the last five minutes, and I think it’s a dead guy hanging from a parachute,” replied Alan.

“How the hell?” Gerald muttered.

“Gerald, why don’t you get your rifle and shoot him down?” said Alan.

“What for? There ain’t much left of him, let him stay there, it’s none of our business.”

“Fine just fine, I’ll do it myself,” Alan replied.

(bang, bang, bang)…Alan’s shots broke the limb that the man... Read More

The sun was almost set when the three men reached the old logging camp cabin. It wasn’t much more than a four walled log building, with the porch roof half fallen in, but it would afford at least some comfort for the night.

“Put your gear down here. Before we go inside I want you to be aware that this cabin is always unlocked and that there may be some animals inside, last time I was here there was a badger hiding under the bunk bed, so we need to go in and make sure the place is clear. Got that? And watch out for snakes.”

Before entering the cabin, Jim took out of his bag an... Read More

Mick, cramped in the driver seat of the small Fiat, keeping his knees wide open, one on each side of the wheel, steered the car along the dark road. In the seat next to him, Loretta's head rocked with each turn, her hand tapping Mick's thigh lightly with the tune of Stevie Wonder's Saturn that played quietly on the radio. A real oldie thought Mick. The small 800cc vehicle sputtered up the serpentine road. The large trees extended their fingers above them, casting eerie moon shadows on the road ahead. It had been over an hour since the sun glided into the sea. Mick extended his

hand to... Read More

Last night, I called the police. I had been to the station near my home however I had to go to the police in Kings Cross. Allegedly there was a man, this man has been around the Kings Cross area since he arrived in Australia. Now nearly 60 his mind has gone, he allegedly is a danger even to the prostitutes.

Lurking in a local hotel on the strip this man, a little puppet moves the drugs of a night. He has been around for ages, all the working girls know him. However he has a problem he needs money it's a disease. The more he makes, the more he spends. He has calculations of what... Read More

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