Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Pauly and his family chose to get out of town while the getting was still cynically available to them, but there were many others who did not. Major Bloomberg publicly announced a mandatory evacuation policy for the Rockaway's, sadly though folks did not heed his warning.

The sheer wreckage that Sandy left behind was horrendous, leaving the entire Rockaway village in shambles. The community boardwalk was destroyed, torn apart, huge sections thrown great distances from the beach. It was like watching something from a 1930's war movie where the whole place had just been bombed.

When... Read More

Writing gurus advise us not to despair when rejection slips pile up; they urge us to keep going back to the well and digging deeper until a real gem pops out, for after all, “a good story must be told.” After a while, this sounds like a feel-good-ism to sooth the battered writer toiling away into insanity and an early death. It is tempting to say, “Stuff the gurus,” to stash the pen, switch off the computer and take up golf. But something happened to me a couple of years ago to reinforce the sage message that perhaps a good story will be told, even after 30 years.

Back in 1980, when... Read More


Prof. Searyuz Mashbootwinzwki here. I amz Plish...sorry Polish. Plish forgivz typing erroz. I switch to English. G'day Cobber. You may call me SM. I won't give you my qualifications. I have been studying mice for 20 odd years...the mice weren't odd, the years were. I'mz the sick ofz beingz typecast as a fool so I'll cast the the type out and get straight down to brass fool carbon tax.

I have studied mouse or should I say, mices, because I just love meeses to pieces. The mouse. What do we know about it? I hear yews say "cheese I dunno?" Mice believe... Read More


You need mentors, minders, hangers on, pithy observation towers so you can ty...pith words literally further than other writers? Or maybe just to pith into the dam of wordy accomplishment? Absolute damn POPPYCOCK and BALDERDASH!

My name is Prof. M Tee Phd O. G. Clinical English professor of correct pronunciation and wherin to shove it without being anatomically perverse which I am wont to do.Most acclaimed epidemic at Oxford,lectured in Paris. Was attacked out of sheer rage and jealousy by my fellow professor fellows. Ended up in plaster of... Read More


This story will shock you to the core. It started near the Big Apple,1942. I was an apple peeler in the army. Had fought alongside General Dick in Dickville, south of the Mickey Islands, stone throw from the apple. I'm not trying to take the mickey out of you.

My name is Corporal Mash. I started on potatoes, promoted to apples after receiving the 'Spud Cross' in the Battle of the Bulge. G Dick was under heavy fire...actually ON fire! "I said to the French Foreign Legion 'next Gen'..."G Dick you're on fire!" My pockets were bulging with... Read More

A few years ago I started taking walks at all hours of the night. My sleep patterns were really off and I could only lay it down for brief periods before I was up again…hot as a Cape Canaveral Lift-off. Menopause sucks…pre…post…or anything in between.

Instead of staring into the darkness of my bedroom for hours at a time I would venture into the night for some exercise. Yes, I realize it’s not the safest thing to do as a single woman, but I had mace!… and a dog. The never tested mace is at least ten years old…the dog is older and loves strangers. Combined they gave me just the false... Read More

I have a tendency to sleep with potential. Deep down I know the guy is an asshole, but then he’ll say something that could melt the heart of a hit man. Next thing you know I tell him to get some blood work and we’re doing the wild thing.

Sometimes a woman’s love of being loved gets the best of her.

We all need affection. Sweet happiness you can taste…pleasure you can unbutton. Those magnificent emotions pillowed in promises that leave you giddy and dumb with desire. I guess that’s why I keep searching, even though it’s obvious I’ve got a shelf life when it comes to men. It’s as... Read More

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