Monday, May 28, 2018

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Speeches are one of the essential means to communicate which helps the individual in expressing their views. There is not a single sphere of life where speeches could be avoided. At every phase of life you will come across a situation where you will be asked to express your views and best way to express is via the speech. Speeches could be expressed at any of the functions like formal occasions, studying, promotion, and retirement along with work or in cases of informal meetings like (Wedding, Birthday party or anniversary). In case if you are offered to deliver the speech on some occasion... Read More

Before I start a post with a controversial title such as this, I want to define exactly which 'cycle theories' I'm talking about. I'm confining myself to my direct competitors, who deal with cycles within an individual human life. So, physical/biological/mechanical/economic cycle theories are excluded, as are those to do with societal and historical cycles. No, in terms of cycles said to impact on individual lives, we are left with the two most common occult theories ie. astrology and numerology.

Try a test for me. Google search <12 year cycles of life> and see what you get. You... Read More

For those who are interested in this piece of hardware, we have listed its features in detail. The very first thing that is likely to catch your eye as soon as you take a look at the phone is its screen that offers a viewing real estate of 5 inches. The phablet’s display has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, which isn’t all that bad.

The phone will feature pre-installed instant messaging apps like WeChat and OLX along with 5 GB of free cloud storage through an Intex Cloud app.

“Intex Aqua i4+ is yet another endeavour from Intex to meet the expectations of today’s consumer... Read More

Julie hovers over a puzzle that requires solving word problems in order to piece together a word collage that is beautiful. As a student at East Side Elementary in Middleton, California, she is used to playing games with language and numbers. Some of the games seem more like work, as they are challenging to complete.

What helps the most is that Julie is able to collaborate with her peers to work out the problems, and she has found that her friends know quite a bit. More importantly, she recognizes that she has much to contribute. Julie is competent and has a strong self-esteem.... Read More

How do plants learn division? That we don't know though new scientific study that's set to be published in the journal eLife show that plants precisely calculate and make adjustments based on their calculations for the appropriate amount of starch that htey need to store and consume during the evening hours. They must be accurate in their calculations of they will starve, reports

"They're actually doing maths in a simple, chemical way—that's amazing," the lead researcher tells the BBC. "It astonished us as scientists to see that." The even more amazing aspect is there is... Read More

It's definitely best for Google that Ray Kurzweil is a director of engineering and not in marketing.

Kurzweil was candid about buyers that want to be first in line for new tech, during a recent speech he gave at the Global Future 2045 where he said that, " Only the rich have these technologies when they don’t work” and that adoption is for rich chumps.

Kurzweil stated that being first has advantages though is not so much the case when it comes to new technology and early adopters. According to futurist and Google employee the first ones in pay the most and get the lowest returns.... Read More

Active research on Aliens comparatively is a recent phenomenon for this generation of scientists. But communications and interaction with Aliens is as old as beginning of creation for ancient Indians, but went unrecognized by the outerworld and disbelievable to modern scientists, due to its association with Hindu religion. Knowledge and secrets went unrecognized due to parochial religious acrimony for long time.

Western and American scientists still could not provide the complete knowledge to the world and, probably may not have specific perceptions on, how they are visualizing the Aliens... Read More

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