Monday, August 20, 2018

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Drone is an RC(Remote-Control) and multirotor flying device offering a new perspective to see the world from a never-seen standpoint and helps you in sharing the things by photos and videos. Many of the Drones right now offer an FPV(First-person view) allowing you to take a driver seat for enjoying the joyride. You can race and explore from the point of view of a pilot. If you have a dream of being a part of air races or stunts like the fliers in air shows, you can make it real by making yourself a drone pilot since it gives you the closest experience of thrills.

Things to... Read More
What is the most obvious thing which is lighting the lives of people in the remotest parts of the country with no power? Where else can you see people living a happy life with proper light like never before?

Well, yes this is what a change which has actually created a pleasant life for people. It wouldn’t have been possible without solar generators. Yes, after all, they come handy in the areas with no power and frequent fluctuations. More so, as these days, solar generators are being used greatly as a substitute for the regular “power” due to their massive utility with respect to providing... Read More

With kids spending so much time on their smartphones and online and hence making themselves more vulnerable to digital threats than ever, parental control software has turned into a parenting essential. It does a great job of creating a safe and child-friendly digital environment where kids can freely explore the positive side of technology while remaining shielded from the negative side. There sure are plenty of parental control software available these days, but unfortunately, that has become a bit of an inconvenience. The huge number of options has led to confusion in the selection process... Read More

Now-a-days everything is getting digitalised. Everything one needs is just a click away on the computer screen or the mobile screen. Mobile apps have made everything easier. Shopping for clothes and grocery, ordering food, getting education etc. ; every service is at our fingertips. In recent years health care has become more advanced; and with apps in the healthcare field the healthcare sector has transformed a lot. Healthcare apps are very beneficial for patients.

Here are few ways mobile phone apps will transform healthcare.

Apps have improved access to care

Mobile applications... Read More

Managed Security Services (MSS) are the network security services majorly outsourced by the service providers. In addition to providing security to the client’s devices and systems, MSS provides clock monitoring, unified threat management, end point security, distributed denial of services, and consulting services. Over the years, UAE managed security services market has been growing at a robust pace on account of increasing cybercrime, fast emerging Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept, and growing concerns regarding malicious malware attacks, zero-day attacks, Synchronization (SYN) floods... Read More

I see a trend among young bloggers that they try a shortcut to success by buying expired domains with a pre-built link profile and hope to build a successful blog out of an already successful domain. Well, if this was possible, why wouldn’t everyone else do the same? And why would expired domains with considerable domain authority remain unclaimed for weeks or even months?

Perhaps what leads to the false belief that an expired domain could be a good buy is its clearly visible statistic. Eg. I checked a domain in the expired domains pool which had a domain authority of 76, page authority... Read More

Decaying bones of a pre-historic man were unearthed in the Middle East along with delicate flowers preserved miraculously as a tribute to the dead. Evidence of this “specific flowers” is identified by the presence of pollen grains. Another example is of brightly coloured flowers discovered in the Egyptian tombs that are supposed to be more than 4,000 years old.

Besides the preservation, the concept of flower as a communication means begin to emerge with time such as receiving a bouquet carrying a special message. Let’s dig in to the technology to keep flowers preserved and these methods... Read More

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