Friday, January 18, 2019

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In a recent poll taken on April 17th of 2007, 100% of those surveyed said they preferred a larger sized screen when it came to their computers. While this data was achieved not by the most scieftific of terms, it is nonetheless a compelling reflection on the way our American society is going: Big, Big, Big! We need the big screen TV, the big bedroom with the big bed, the big living room (if we can afford one of those), the big closet to fit our big wardrobe... We even pride ourselves in developing technology to make things smaller- and then make them bigger again! Last month I received a new... Read More

Every year, in Monterey California, a 'group of remarkable people gather to exchange ideas of incalculable value'. This conference called TED (Technology Entertainment Design) covers a broad variety of topics including science, technology, economics, arts and many more. The very exclusive event ($6000 to attend the annual conference and receive a couple of DVDs) recently released some videos of the talks held during the conference. The amazing talk below (video) was given by Hans Rosling, professor of international health at Sweden's world-renowned Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder,... Read More

Heroin. heroin is like morphine for the brain, literally. the ultra relaxed mental state depicted in movies like Trainspotting is your brain going limp. when morphine acts on the body, pain sensations are dulled as endorphins are released. similarly, when heroin enters the brain, it binds with opioid receptors and eventually releases endorphins (the body's "natural pain killer"). The end effect is something like your brain going numb, just like with morphine. This phenomenon of similarity can be explained chemically. chemically, heroin and morphine are similar. morphine has two hydroxyl... Read More

In an age where technology is king, and we are slaves to the whims of a fickle, ever-changing, and sometimes unreliable sovereign, the name of the game is the new, the better, the smaller, and the faster and no one plays this game better than the mobile telephone and IT companies.

Prior to writing this article, I had been with Cingular Wireless, in all its various manifestations, for more than nine years. I've dealt with overbilling, under billing, weekend minutes, nighttime minutes, roll-over minutes, friends and family, text messaging, data messaging, multi-media messaging, network... Read More

Maybe you’ve heard of maltitol or sucralose by reading through ingredients on a variety of products and wondered what they were. You may be more familiar with the names Maltisorb, Malisweet or Splenda which are the commercial names or “street names” of these artificial sweeteners. But what just are they and what do they do? Answers on this will vary on who you ask. With maltitol, it is used as a sugar replacement to give foods a lower carb rating. It also does not promote tooth decay. It IS however a carbohydrate, so in large amounts there is no weight loss value, and maltitol is known... Read More
Next time your friends call you a cockroach, don't be mad. You're apparently one tough cookie. Scientists are truly amazed at the amazing resilience of the lowly cockroach. Not only are they the most likely species to survive a nuclear disaster, they can do it without even thinking about it, or at least without a head. For weeks.... What makes these bulldogged beetles and other insects able to survive decapitation while we two legged types can't survive the day without a cappuccino? It a body thing, explains Joseph Kunkel, physiologist and biochemist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.... Read More
S*** is happening. I recently wrote about the oldest newspaper in the world that just stopped printing and has gone to a web based format exclusively. Well, according to multiple news agencies, a TV station, owned by Clear Channel, (KFTY-TV 50) in Santa Rosa, California has "cancelled its nightly newscasts and is soliciting programming from locals------from independent filmmakers to teachers and Sonoma County politicians." That's right baby, a TV station has gone "citizen". After 26 years of nightly local news, the "unprofessionals" are taking the wheel. 13 people in the news department were... Read More

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