Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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On January 9, 2007 at the Macworld Conference & Expo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the production of the iPhone. Marketed by Apple as the “do-everything phone”, the iPhone is a phone handset, Internet navigator and media player all in one. After 6 months of hype, it has finally hit store shelves. Apple’s latest and arguably most anticipated product became available for purchase at 6:00 PM, Friday, June 29th. There were 83 retail locations in Southern California—23 Apple stores and 60 AT&T stores—where gadget gurus could be among the first to get their hands on the coveted device.... Read More

Futuristic foresight today requires people to sequester their differences in order to combine there spiritual strength that we may defeat a great danger that is upon the human family. Although it has always been important to have hindsight (by learning from the past to protect the future) it grows ever so urgent for us to learn to foretell possible estimated future events that may lead to global cataclysm, that we may devise essential steps in which to assure success over these life menacing events. The ability to envision the future using past and current events which are universal in nature,... Read More

Scientific arrogance and financial politics prevents the medical society from exposing their knowledge and the truth that was known for some time (1952) that cancer is a disease that is cured by the restoration of nutrition at the metabolic level. A bio chemical process that destroys cancer cells while nourishing and protecting non cancer cells. Laetrile or vitamin B17 has been scientifically researched and cited as successful in the treatment and prevention of cancer, the evidence that supports this fact, that this nutritional agent works to prevent or destroy cancer cells in animals and in humans... Read More
I'm old enough to remember when the first personal computer rolled out in one gigantic piece. It was small. Stood 14 inches high and 8 inches wide on a desk. The silent, cyclops screen stared blankly out at its new audience in its puked oatmeal-hued casing. I'm lying. It came with its peripheral siblings: a QWERTY keyboard and something called a "mouse". Had neat drop-down menus to choose from, too. Even a new way to know when you'd deleted files long gone: Oscar the Grouch's trash can came into geek prominance. But this small, simple, one-piece machine would revolutionize its name, the... Read More
Last month, chief of NASA, Michael Griffin, in an interview worthy of Mad Magazine, announced that we need not worry about global warming anymore, not because he had a solution, but because we all were wrong to think that it will be all that bad. He single-handedly reversed the argument denying the impending global climate disaster, by flopping a steamer, which brought intellectual debate in this country, (if it still can be called as such), to an all time low. A death gasp, which, if this wasn't so serious, would have made even the softest hearted and compassionate Buddhist, burst into sadistic... Read More
A recent article (7 June 07) in the Boston Globe caught my attention. It was picked up by the major wire services, and even funneled down to USA TODAY. A team of researchers at MIT succeeded in illuminating a light bulb, without wires, at a distance of seven feet. They have dubbed it "WiTricity". (Information abounds through search engines and the MIT website). The impact of this result will change the world as we know it; soon I think. Once venture capitalists get in on the act, once the market makers see whats going on and open it up to the public investors. Interestingly enough, the... Read More
By Jen
On April 11, 2007 the Senate passed the “Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007” where it now awaits the signature of President Bush. Similar to the bill previously vetoed by Bush, this bill outlines the standards by which human embryonic stem cell research should be conducted, and provides for the derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from excess embryos generated for the purpose of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is the process by which donor eggs are fertilized by donor sperm in a Petri dish and allowed to develop for 3-5 days into the developmental stage known as the blastula.... Read More

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