Saturday, January 19, 2019

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It's the middle of the night and you're fast asleep. All of a sudden you bolt upright in your bed gasping for air, sweat dripping from your pores, your heart racing. Is this the result of a nightmare, or something much more sinister? For millions of Americans, the above scenario is a nightly occurrence. Not only do they wake up drenched in sweat, they snore like freight trains, toss and turn all night, wake up choking, and have trouble staying awake during the day. And these are but a few of the symptoms that these poor people contend with. So what is this evil affliction that torments them... Read More
By Jen
And don’t forget to check the balance in your checkbook, because the vacation I’m talking about won’t be cheap. But how much is too much for a chance to circle the globe in 80 minutes, see the sun rise 15 times per day, and crawl around on the ceiling like Peter Parker? If you said $4.1 million dollars then you’re in luck because a 3 day stay at the “Galactic Suite” space hotel will only cost you $4 million. (Or as Dr. Evil would say: Four miiiiiilion dollars) The Galactic Suite project began as a joke. The kind of thing you discuss with fellow Star Wars fans while indulging in... Read More
By Jen

In the 1932 dystopia classic "A Brave New World" Aldous Huxley envisions a world in which the world state has complete control over reproduction. It is a world where natural childbirth is all but obsolete, and humans "engineered" to be perfectly adapted to their pre-determined station in life are produced in factories. Now, thanks to researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan, we are one step closer to realizing his nightmare. This realization comes in the form of an artificial microfluidic chip designed to more closely mimic the womb for in-vitro fertilized (IFV) embryos. Traditional... Read More

Checkers, America's favorite board game is over, that's right, GAME OVER. You can't win, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! No more sitting around the pickle barrel playing "stump the chump". No more Howard and Barney playing a game at Floyd's barbershop, while Andy waxes on so eloquently...Why bother, it's been proven that even when "perfectly played" you can't win. The best you can hope for is a draw. People, meet Chinook, The Checker Champion. Computer scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada have designed a checker-playing computer program that, quite simply, cannot be beaten.... Read More
By Jen
This just in! Men talk just as much as women! That’s right; thanks to researchers from the University of Arizona, and a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, we can safely put to rest the notion that “women just don’t know when to shut up”. Apparently, men are just as verbose as the “fairer sex”. The idea that women talk more than men is the subject of much western folklore, and has long been considered scientific fact. This idea being so engrained in society that when respected neuropsychiatrist, Louann Brizendine first asserted that women use 20,000 words per day... Read More
Since 8000 years the coca leaf is highly valued for its healing and stimulating properties. It is a very important source of proteins, vitamines, and minerals for the highland population of the Andes. The coca plant is one of the most nutritious plants there is; coca leaves contain more calcium than milk, and more protein than meat. [The coca plant] can withstand the comparison between all fruits and vegetables. Coca leaves are consumed by chewing and drinking tea or drinking an alcoholic beverage containing cocaleaf extract (tonicum). Studies of various universities have shown that consumption... Read More
If you think Big Brother isn’t watching, think again. With the proliferation of cell phone cameras, credit card size cameras and micro-recording devices, there is a pretty good chance that something you do in public – or in private – could end up on the Internet where the whole world can see it. Case in point, Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo has found out the hard way that things that are supposed to be kept private are not secure when they are on the Internet. This morning on NBC’s Today show, Polumbo revealed the photographs that someone has been trying to use to blackmail her. These... Read More

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