Friday, November 16, 2018

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This article is a short informational. My condolences to the Travolta family.

In the recent tragic death of John Travolta's son, Jett, it has been said that he was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, an illness that affects the blood vessels in young children. If you would like to know more about this disease from a clinical perspective, visit the following local hospital site, that recent gave a lecture to its physicians on this disease.

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Toyota, who’s Prius is the most popular car on the hybrid market today, is upping the “clean and green” ante with a new vehicle in development that will run partially on the sun’s rays. They will also start the long-range development of a car that will run solely on solar. Both vehicles will take several years to design and build, but the sun will be around for awhile, so it’s a win-win.

Sales of the Prius are still huge, but not as high as they were last summer when gas prices spiked through the roof. Here in San Francisco where I live, pro-green residents... Read More

For many of us, our perceived notion is that our doctors spent a minimum of 8 years going to medical school and then went on to become your physician and that was that.

As a Grey's Anatomy fan, the television series, not the book, I often wondered how they get the cases for some of those shows and more importantly how the doctors keep up with emerging medical issues.

Have you tried to call your doctors office to schedule an appointment between the hours of 12pm-1pm, only to say they are out to lunch? Well my good people it's not to say that they mindlessly stuffing their face.

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Put your differences (or hatred) aside for the candidates for just a minute and think about this. Tomorrow evening Scientists plan to unleash an experiment that will recreate the ‘Big Bang’ theory. For over 15 years Scientists held up in a facility on the border of France and Switzerland have been building a machine called the Large Hadron Collider to recreate the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang. The Large Hadron Collider or LHC smashes protons moving at the speed of light into each other which then recreates the same conditions that happened a fraction of a second after the... Read More

Come raining season and everything around us looks fresh, green and vibrant. Many a times we do spot a rainbow after thunderstorms and rains, yes in metro cities too. The beautiful colourful Rainbow which has different hues of nature often made us wander about god’s miracle when we were children.

We often use colours to define our moods; for instance “I am green with envy” or if you are feeling low; it’s “I am feeling blue”. Whereas in an embarrassed situation its “I am turning pink”. We consciously or subconsciously choose our clothes... Read More

In 1712, Thomas Newcomen built the first workable device that could harness the power of steam. Yet, at a measly 15 RPM, and because his valves wouldn’t always close and open correctly, it was hardly better than the 14 year-old donkey being coaxed in a circle to pump water out of the mines.

Current technology has not really changed in 300 years (an oversimplification perhaps). In nearly every application of power generation the process remains relatively the same. Cook something, gas or oil, boil water, create steam, spin a turbine, generate electricity. There have been a... Read More

I always seem to find out about cool stuff well after everyone else. I am a low-tech, day-late, dollar-short kind of guy. For the longest time, I thought a Cincy Bowtie was actually a piece of clothing. I was under the impression that an iPod was a newly discovered antioxidant plant material. Someone told me that an upper decker was a cheap seat at a ballgame.

Needless to say, I eventually found out what all these things are--like a year later. That's why I wasn't surprised to discover that I am one of the last people in my circle of friends to find out about what's called 800-GOOG-411.

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