Monday, August 20, 2018

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“This isn’t madness. This is Sparta!” I screamed at my dust covered laptop as I dragged it out of the closet.

The poor thing was battered, worn, and in bad shape. The battery was dead, the DVD drive screwed up, and the screen was beginning to separate from the cover. But, it had Microsoft Access installed and my PC did not have this program. After finding Base for OpenOffice lacking in the tutorial department, I realized I now needed this program if I was going to learn how to create a database without taking a course or paying for additional software.

The... Read More

We have all seen the toothpaste adverts exclaiming about their special fluoride contents that strengthen enamel; we listened to the American Dental Association (ADA) continuously endorse fluoride treatments and water fluoridation as a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay. For those of you who are “unfortunate” enough to live in a low fluoridated area, there are fluoride supplements for adults as well as children. Even many brands of bottled water are infusing fluoride as an extra bonus. Although it seems like we are blessed with such easily accessible fluoride sources, this substance... Read More

Well I now have the perfect excuse to give someone when I don’t want to fix their computer. I don’t want to go to jail. That’s right, I could go to jail for fixing your computer.

Why could I go to jail for fixing your computer you may ask? I’ll tell you why. Because I am not a licensed Private Investigator. (Go ahead dear reader, scratch your head and say “What the…?”) Now what in the hell does being a licensed Private Investigator have to do with computer repair? That my friends, is a very good question. A question which is being asked... Read More

Nature is nothing if not balanced. To every Yin there must exist a Yang, to every night must come the day, and, like the vagina, for every penis must exist an enemy. Please note that the scientific principles and ethnographic detail presented in the author’s previous article: “The Vagina and Its Natural Enemies,” were used to painstakingly produce a nearly comprehensive list of enemies which purport to prey upon nature’s brainless brute—the penis. The purpose of this list is to inform, what the reader does with this information is clearly up to them. May God... Read More

As most of us already know, come February 17, 2009, our old televisions, the ones that have outlived the family dog, four years of college dorm living, and a few failed marriages, is going to go the way of the dinosaur, the dodo bird, and the eight track. On February 18, 2009, millions of televisions will sit on the curb, along with that Uncle who just won’t get off your couch and get a job, and wait for that inevitable trip to TV Land Heaven. Will your television be one of them?

Before you pull the plug on that trusty TV, let’s explore if it is truly necessary.

The... Read More

There have been so many reports stating that egg consumption isn't healthy. I realize for the vegans out there, egg consumption is not a consideration. However, I am not a vegan and do consume organic eggs. What is the truth about eggs? Are they high in cholesterol and therefore a danger?

According to the Mayo clinic, people can eat an egg daily and still be under the health guideline of less than 300 mg. a day of cholesterol. An egg has 213 mg. of cholesterol. Because most of the cholesterol is in the egg yolk, egg whites are an even better alternative. However, if you miss the yolk,... Read More

As it so often is with the way of perceived "progress," new technologies are roundly and summarily referred to technological "advancements." Our languages of new and better have been long intertwined -- so much so that few of us take note at these linguistic ellisions. But are we becoming dependent, creatures of habit and technological crutches, reliant on devices and chemicals (both seen and not), decisions far from ourselves and systems into which we have no feed? Are these new "advancements" truly that? Whose causes do they advance?

This article and its framing question (as in the... Read More

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