Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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No one would have believed that in the 21st century, we would still be teaching science in our schools using medieval methods and ways of thinking. Can we afford it?

Science was, undoubtedly, amongst the most important drivers to have led humankind out of the dark ages, through the age of enlightenment into our modern days. In its early days, science teaching – part of the religious discipline – involved the memorization and analysis of the sacred texts: the earth was the centre of the universe, and the speed of falling bodies was proportional to their weight: the heavier a body was,... Read More

The California Dental Association (CDA) joins a growing list of researchers, dental and health organizations advising against regularly mixing infant formula with fluoridated water to avoid discoloring babies' developing teeth (fluorosis). But little effort is made to inform the public, reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF). "Neither a nutrient nor required for healthy teeth, fluoride chemicals are added to many public water supplies and some bottled water in a failed attempt to reduce tooth decay," says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President.

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Is the electric vehicle for real this time?

Nissan is betting it is. And so is "Who Killed the Electric Car?" director Chris Paine.

The Nissan LEAF Zero Emmission Tour kicked off at Pier 59 Studios West in Santa Monica on Friday night with a launch party which featured the 100% electric car on display. The camera was rolling for Paine's follow-up to his Sony Pictures Classics documentary on the destruction of the General Motors EV1 in the 1990s.

The title of the film will be "Revenge of the Electric Car" and camera operator Steve Payne took a moment from shooting... Read More

India is foremost in medical tourism whether it is for kidney transplant, heart, or cataract surgery or infertility treatment; thanks to the low cost and the medical expertise. Infertility treatment and easy availability of local women opting to help foreigners have babies has put India on the global map of the so called reproductive tourism. Surrogacy is procedure in which the sperm and the egg of the couple is fertilized externally using In-Vitro fertilisation and then inserted in the womb of a woman; who bears the child. Rudy Rupak, co-founder and president of Planet Hospital, a medical... Read More

In my 22 year career as an RN, I can look back and truly say, I have NEVER, seen anyone heal. That's right, NEVER! Oh the doctors were wonderful, the nures were some of teh best, but Wetern medicine is.. well...ineffective at best, more harming than good, and really just a business based, profit run, greed monger with the false advertizing of health care. Oh boy, I am really calling the emperor nekkid, here~!

Let me splain, Lucy. In today's world of progress, and inovation, and brilliance, we are an unhealthy, duped bunch of consumers. Promises of health, better living through chemicals,... Read More

California. Home of beautiful coastlines, beautiful trees, beautiful people, but also home to beautiful big earthquakes.

Every so often we are reminded that this earth is not ours to do as we please and I think mother nature gets a little shook up and let us know.

I've experience many 'quakes, including the San Francisco Earthquake in 1989. As a California resident, born and rasied I know that these are prevelant and even can gauge how high on the ricther scale they are.

Last Sunday as I was in my kitchen cooking, I felt vibrations. At first I thought it was just my... Read More

LG GD330 enables it to be carried around everywhere very easily. This is a consideration to take into account especially when you are the kind of person that must take their phone everywhere. gsm slider phone is a great way to stay in contact with people.

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