Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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As you can probably all tell, I have not been blogging much lately. Not to mention that I sit down almost everyday and try to write, and nothing comes out. I just cannot write.

The fact is that I have been going through a few personal issues and because I have not been able to speak about these publicly, I have not been able to write anything. Anything I do write about just seems trivial.

We all have to make certain decisions in life which are life changing. And I have recently had to make some of these life changing decisions.

I suppose a few decisions fall into this... Read More

TO P OR NOT TO P. riginal.


I don't know how i got into this predicament. People are always asking my advice on things i know very little about. Sitting talking to a friend over a beer about cars and how they attract women specially when they have doors and other handy accessories when all of a sudden (i'll call him Dick to disguise his real penis) Richard says to me, "Ralph (he calls me Ralph because that's my name) ...Ralph i have a question."

We weren't in America so i said "shoot Dick!" I mean i heard that in America... Read More

If I were fully able to answer that question every time a man has sat and wondered, I’d be a multi-billionaire and herded through the streets as the greatest mind since Sir Isaac Newton.

It’s a topic men have spent their lifetimes trying to figure out. In the world of dating, this is something the male species should spend lots of time analyzing and evaluating in order to become successful.

To be able to read and accommodate your lady’s thought processes is the golden key to relationship longevity.

Women are extremely complex.

But they are vibrant and beautiful creatures.... Read More


Just flicking through what turns a woman on post. Not suggesting a post turns a woman on. Unless of course a woman receives a a large posted cheque from a secret admirer? Some time back i saw on the vision box an experiment which i thought may have been rigged.

Scene: Doctor's waiting room rigged with hidden cameras. The story went something like this. "Women are turned on by a manly chemical exudation permeating from the sweat of say...a hard working rigger."

Rigger type is sitting in the mid-room against the wall in a chair,legs... Read More

If I were to poll 100 men asking what types of movies and books they prefer, most likely their answers would be predictably similar: 007, Schwarzenegger, Tom Clancy and John Grisham to name a few.

Men love action/adventure, intrigue and things blowing up in the middle of the night.

However, when it comes to women, there’s a reason why they’ve made authors like Nicholas Sparks and actresses such as Jennifer Anniston household names.

These artists tap into what women truly want.

No matter what tough outer shells they wear or bad past relationships women have endured,... Read More


The odd couple indeed. Mr Thort ,tall and and reed slim. The locals said he was older than his dog. They never ever saw the dog- heard its wolf-like ancient howl, assumed it was old. Mr T's 'friend' Ms Think was short square and roughly half the age of Thort...or so the villagers thought.Granny May the village gossip said- but not nastily- in between knitting licorice for the school fete (there was no school,due to a fateful fire) that the pair were "up to no good." Actually the whole village of Allsorts was up to no good. Their... Read More

We’ve all heard this line before, “You should marry your best friend, the one who knows you best.” It always sounds good, appeals to many and makes lots of sense while choosing a mate or life partner. However,really liking a person versus being in love with them are too very different scenarios. And in my opinion, you should always marry the latter of the two.

Dating, and hanging out with someone you feel completely comfortable around, laugh often with, even enjoy sharing your most intimate secrets during those long walks in the park is something special to behold; almost rare in today’s... Read More

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