Saturday, January 19, 2019

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Well it is now my expreience that these lines really mean "Go away, I want to see someone else" or "I think while he's gone I'll lead on another bloke and make the situation in my love life more difficult". Well Scientists in the U.K last night announced that these so called "Women" are actually in complete control of any one mans emotions.

Dr J R Peebody of the Institute of Women studies announced unexpectedly that they have in-fact found a series of Pheromones that actually have the ability to make males believe what they are saying.

"Its incrediable" he said, "There we were... Read More

Past research methods involved physically hooking up biometric measuring devices to the subject's genitals. Some speculate that this may distort the findings and serve as a "buzzkill" in setting the mood while others call this "Friday night." Either way the results have been especially poor in researching women's arousal. Our free-loving, pot-smoking hockey-playing neighbors to the North have found a new, less intrusive, though still creepy method of research. Using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology researchers are able to detect body temperature changes to within 100th of a degree.... Read More

You Are How You Look

The holidays came and one friend posted some supremely awful Christmas party photos of me gnawing on a turkey leg, thinking it was funny. Of course I could not delete them, as I had not published them. Another friend posted a photo of me in my underwear, taken without my knowledge, and I learned of its existence thanks to a message from a different friend. I sent a fiery text message to the poster and the offending photo was removed.

I learned the hard way about “tags” in photos and had to spend an afternoon removing my name from photos I didn’t like... Read More

I listen to the new Rihanna song and I smile at each lyric

the feeling she describes

is how I feel

how he makes me feel

I am the only girl in HIS world

I am the girl that matters

the one he wants to come home to at night

the one he works long hours for

so when he goes I won't be broke

not even close

He is trying to make it be that my dreams come true

that everything I want he can give me

and the love and attention I deserve

the help I need

and the support I want

I am the only girl in his... Read More

A new website titled IDump4U will break up with your significant other for a fee. The fee varies based on what type of breakup you are interested in. The site will even be so kind as to record the break up conversation for you so that you can play it later if you want. It used to be over the phone break ups were bad. Then, it progressed to text or email break ups. But now, for a price, you can have someone do it all for you. No muss, no fuss, it's breaking up for cowards.

The site offers $10 for a basic break-up, $25 to call off an engagement and $50 for a divorce. You can, as... Read More

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