Monday, January 21, 2019

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She lay there, irritated, as some women do on occasion when something like a nettle of regret, unsettled conscious, unresolved remnants of parting sorrow do- to a sensitive woman. The nettle scratches the subconscious waiting fretfully,impatiently, for its frame of sleep to enable it to paint obscure. Brush a picture, a patchwork of uncontrollable deep sleep thought.The reward a deep slumber initiates. She couldn't sleep because of the urge. Rather like a tap that drips monotonously like a water metronome. Irritating. Constant. Unrelenting. She heard the same monotonous... Read More


I just have to tell yews these true stories. A few years back a "careful with my dough" friend (hardly rings now) went into a prohibited Xmas tree 'chop' area away from prying eyes. He picked out a very nice 'free tree.' Full of good cheer/shear?...with axe.

Dragged the tree back to his wagon...lo and behold! Another alike thinking freedom blighter/fighter (hellbent on unwinding the law?)... 'free tree' purchaser, made a spur of the mad moment decision to borrow my cunning friend's extensive tool kit from his unlocked wagon as an... Read More


Flicked on the box. Tornadoes. Bit blow the belt and do they with vigor! Petite blonde host interviewing a weather pattern guy here in Australia about our blow- by- blow, some sixty tornadoes- annually. Some even as intense in ferocity as the U.S. freaks.

Guy locks his goats up in a shipping container. Big T-Rex mother blow picks the container up like a fairy floss loaded cardboardic container, hurls it down the road. Ends up looking like an oblong square. Some goats killed, some had to be put down, if i were one of the remainder i'd just lay flat... Read More


Don't know whether i ever told you bout the Village of Sage. I distinctly remember vaguely, telling yews the story bout the Sillage of Vage. Vage is the abbreviation of vague according to the dictionary of Sillage. There was only ever one copy of Sillage cooked up. An ancient He brew, or was it an ancient She brew? brewed, threw meaty word abbreviational shorts together, baked them in a pie so that the ancient He/shebrewians could get straight to the point of interpretation by chewsing their words very shortly after partaking thereof. However, the one off pie... Read More

KELVIN. riginal.

Told you post back bout a guy i picked up on the highway, car had broken down. You dodge squashed crows on the tarmac of Australian country town roads/highways, maybe spent beer bottles by the side of the road on occasion,ruffled by ute drivers perhaps when the ute veers slightly. None of us veer slightly because we don't caress our ears with mobile inattentiveness these days now do we? It's against the law. So is dumping spent fridges, worn out junked king size queen size discarded mattresses bonked springless? But then that's just a figment of my imagination i s'pose.... Read More


Listen up male of the species. Just listened to Michael Buble's rendition of the Drifters catchy tune 'save the last dance for me.' So many connotations and 'fight club' type of angst in this seemingly harmless catchy tune? In essence when you listen to the lyrics a jealous type guy when all said and strum of the heart strings attuned to your 'special lady' could take umbrage at the inference or am i being petty about pretty grippy close encounters of the nerd kind? If i may quote,"you can dance, every dance with the guy who gives you the eye? ...and... Read More


I was back in the city talking to a mate and his missus. Somehow we got on to the subject of women; they're the ones that drive the male species round the bend and up the garden path to the wailing wall of defeatism,and vice- versa, to be fair. It's the flowers adjacent the path i query bout. The only advice i can give re: the wailing wall is to strap a piece of foam on your forehead or sit down and talk your problems over like two uncivilized people. Another hint. Pretend your partner is absolutely right, maybe they are? Now this is where... Read More

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