Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Former Justice of Supreme Court of India and present Chairman of Press Council of India Mr.Markendeya Katju once again attacked the evils prevalent in the Indian Law making, law executing and law adjudicating bodies and the irresponsible role being played by media in the country. Speaking in the two day National Seminar on “New Channels: Morality and Reality” held by a South Indian state University at Hyderabad, on 6 April, Mr.Katju said 90% of Indians vote like cattle and sheep in electing their Legislative representatives, based their loyalties on caste and religion but not on the merit... Read More


Hee...llo. My name is Albert Albert Albert. My parents are triple stutterers. Cos Dad always says after I bugger something up...Albert! Albert! Albert! I must be 7 cos my mum said that I was born after the 7 year itch. Mummy said that daddy rarely comes up to scratch in any year in a month of Sundays so I'm lucky to be here.

I would like to ask you good people some pertinent questions relating to where yews live. I am a quantum genius and skipped 7 grades as a result. One day however the truant officer skipped... Read More

Though the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India stated that Delhi rape case is one among many, but not a unique one, a very tough Rape punishment law is enacted by Indian Parliament, keeping the sole incident of rape occurred at New Delhi, in view. No body would oppose for the tough punishment if anyone really committed the act of Rape/Sexual assault. But it is absolutely offensive if 'consensual sex' cases are twisted as 'rape' cases if relationships are boomaranged between the parties. The unique provision made in the recent rape-law in India is, the age for ‘consensual sex’ is fixed at 18 years.... Read More

Banning guns in America has never been a traditional legal practice, yet the sale and the use of guns has always been systemically controlled commencing from the seize {enslavement} of the so called Black population. From the inception of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Black enslavement engendered the Black gun prohibition to ensure Black servitude or a lack of Black empowerment and the right of self protection. The right of any free man to protect himself, his family, his culture and his land was removed from them as a prerequisite of the slave trade’s success.

Due to the policies and... Read More

India is the second largest Democracy in the world after United States of America, but, while United States is Presidential Democracy, India is a Parliamentary Democracy. Both nations have been suffering from certain merits and demerits in their political systems. As far as India is concerned, already much criticism has been spread by the print and electronic media in the past half century, on the malfunctioning of the Democratic system, corruption of Political Parties, electoral malpractices, and major economic scams done by the political parties when they had wielded power at State or National... Read More

Prior to submission of Report on Criminal Law Amendment by retaired Indian Supreme Court Justice J.S.Verma ,on the women related crimes, to the Indian government, notwithstanding the public impulse and unbridled mass uproar demanding lynching of the rape accused in the sensational Delhi Rape case, by stating that ‘a swift-trial for Rape accused should not be at the cost of a fair trial and can not overwhelm the due process of law’, the Chief Justice of Republic of India Lord Justice Altmas Kabir has acquired the image of Judge of international standards, like Lord Justice Leveson of U.K and... Read More

Speaking in the South Asian Media Sumposium held in New Delhi on 8th December, the Press Council of India Chairman Justice Markendeya Katju did not mince words in declaring that 90 percent of Indians are ‘Idiots’ who can be misled and divided by mischivious elements on the basis of caste and religion, because they have no brains in their heads. “There are equal number of fundamentalists among the Hindus and Muslims in India and just by spending 2,000 rupees, communal riots can be created in Indian capital city of New Delhi” he said.

Besides revealing true picture of backward mental condition... Read More

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