Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Great Britain’s Prince Harry is back home. No thanks to a website hell bent on telling everything it knows to the whole damn world.

Prince Harry had been deployed to Afghanistan to serve with the Household Cavalry Regiment Battlegroup and was scheduled to return home in April after his tour ended. Major news outlets knew of the royal deployment and had all agreed to withhold releasing the information until the deployment ended.

But a big-mouthed website had other plans.

As of the writing of this article, the name of the irresponsible website has not been identified,... Read More

Benazir Bhutto a été assassinée dans la ville de Rawalpindi, dans un attentat-suicide qui aura également coûté la vie à plus de 20 personnes. Elle avait déjà réchappé de justesse à une explosion lors de son retour d’exil le 18 octobre dernier qui a tué plus d’une centaine de ses supporters.

Quelques heures plus tôt, dans un quartier de la capitale Islamabad, quatre personnes avaient également été tuées dans des échanges de tirs durant une réunion... Read More

An event widely appreciated by his predecessor, former president Jacques Chirac, who was very well known for taking his time between stalls and for eating free salamis and drinking free wine happily provided by his so-called “friends”, the French farmers.

But Nicolas Sarkozy is not Jacques Chirac. M. Sarkozy, keen in rising again in the polls, decided to launch the operation “Seduce the farming industry and you get the voters next” at the farming fair (the latest poll published last Sunday in the Sunday newspaper “Journal du Dimanche” actually suggest... Read More

Un événement très apprécié par son prédécesseur qui, on s’en souvient, y prenait vraiment son temps et s’amusait avec les petits saucissons et le petit vin gratuits offerts de bonne grâce par ses gentils amis, les agriculteurs. Mais Nicolas Sarkozy n’étant pas Jacques Chirac, quand le nouveau président se lance dans une opération séduction pour remonter un peu dans les sondages (et quels sondages ! Selon une enquête d’opinion Ifop*, à paraître dans le Journal du Dimanche... Read More

It's been called "The World's Worst Building" by Esquire magazine. Someone even had the unmitigated gall to liken it to Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. A surrealist video on YouTube even mimics the Walt Disney logo with the building's name scrawled across the front of it in that familiar Disney script font and Tinkerbell's half-circle arc over the building[1]. The video is as engrossing as the building itself. At first glance, one can't help but stare at it. Its 75 degree angled walls are about as wrong as a building can be. Yet, there is something about the Ryugyong Hotel that keeps... Read More

I have been holding on to this for a while now, I have no where to talk about it, I couldn’t , I would not be heard, not be believed, or I would be called a liar and a trouble maker and a shit stirrer.

Last year at a famous women’s music festival in the Midwest, I was a volunteer nurse at the free health clinic held there. It is a fun and relaxed environment, mostly treating insect bites, and sunburns, with an occasional rash or fall.

My first shift changed my life and my perspective and changed how much I enjoyed this event and how much I thought women were the... Read More

I'm still waiting for Barack Obama to answer this one question:

Senator, you speak of change. Exactly what kind of change do you mean?

All Senator Obama can say is "It's time for a change." Change of what? Ideas? Mindset? Underwear?

We know that both Hillary and Obama are adamantly against the policies of the current sitting president. We also know that many of their supporters are ready to unleash the gates of Hell on the current administration should the word "impeachment" ever be uttered in the House of Representatives. With less than a year in the presidency... Read More

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