Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Suppose I told you that there was a candidate in the US Presidential Election who would give the people more say in how the government is run by federally instituting the National Initiative For Democracy. Suppose this candidate also supported the FairTax, which would eliminate the IRS, and not penalize the rich for being so succesful, while at the same time, not overtaxing the poor. Do they seem like the ideal candidate? Unless you are a Fascist or someting similar, you'd probably think so. So who is this candidate, you might ask. He is Mike Gravel, a 78-year-old Democrat and former Alaskan... Read More

President Bush signed a bill Thursday that overhauls government surveillance rules, and grants immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the government eavesdrop on cell, landline, and computer communications. Bush has hailed this legendary bill a “landmark legislation that is vital to the security of our people.”

Bush originally tried to pass this bill after the 9/11 attacks. Strongly protested by civil rights groups, it has been highly debated in Senate for the last year, and pushed through just last week. The Government will now be able to collect personal... Read More

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church, there were alot of Sundays when the preacher at our church gave sermons on his favorite subjects of choice; sin, fire-and- brimstone, more sin, with a particular focus on Revelation and the Biblical passages which included the mark of the beast and humans being forced to physically wear the 'computer chip' on their bodies. All of these things were to be interpreted by believers as signs of the end of the world which was a very jagged pill to swallow at a young age.

Ironically, when President George W. Bush, a southern born, self proclaimed... Read More

Any American older than 50 can remember the terror of the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. Both the USA and the Soviets seeked to build the biggest nuclear missles they could, and citizens of both nations lived in perpetual fear of being nuked to oblivion. Today, we have another arms race between Israel and Iran. While I have my own opinions on who is right and who is wrong, this article is not about that. Rather, it is about how terrifying this race has the potential to become. Yesterday, Iran tested missles which have the... Read More

While standing in line at the supermarket, one cannot help but notice the rows and rows of tabloids and celebrity photographs staring back at you. If you want to buy the New York Times, or any real, credible newspaper, you actually have to go out of your way to find it. When the tabloid monopoly fills the grocery store isles due to demand, out selling quality newspapers, it causes me to stop and analyze our priorities as a society. The public demand for tabloid news proves that regardless of the size of a city or town, or the people in it, gossip is like a deadly virus without a cure. Unfortunately,... Read More

The human heart can survive many things but when someone we love and trust betrays us, it can painfully shake the very foundation of our faith in humanity. Sometimes it can cause us to loose our sense of self, we may spiral into a deep depression or even become withdrawn from others and possibly suicidal. Working as a life coach, I am often amazed at the stories I am told of how careless people can be with their relationships and another persons heart.

Gabriel and Dean had been friends since childhood, for eighteen years they attended the same schools, were in many of the same classes,... Read More

January of 2010 when you go to your favorite hamburger joint, go ahead and place an order. Ten minutes later, a plate will arrive with a giant angus hamburger on a toasted bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato with a side order of piping hot fries. Nothing will seem or taste out of the ordinary. On the way home, make a pit stop at your local grocery store; the produce, poultry, dairy and vitamins will all look the same. However, unless these foods are locally grown or manufactured in the United States the foods you consume will be void of all vitamins and nutrients due to CODEX Alimentarius, also... Read More

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