Sunday, October 21, 2018

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        Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, called on Congress to take dramatic steps to alter the Constitution. Mukasey is forcefully requesting Congress to issue a new declaration of war that will make the entire globe, including the United States itself a literal "battlefield." The purpose of this new declaration of war is so the United States can declare war on any 'terrorist' territory that has oil; which grants a type of Congressional permission to attack, kill and steal the oil from any country it chooses and would also grant immunity for war crimes. The President... Read More

A long, long time ago, when American cheese was invented the name was used to distinguish it from European cheeses. American cheese artisians took great pride in challenging themselves to make the best products. The original American cheese was made with a mixture of real blended cheeses, Colby and Cheddar, and was sold in blocks in delis and supermarkets. It was preferred over regular cheddar cheese because it had a milder flavor, melted smoothly when heated unlike cheddar and was great on cheeseburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and for use in dips.

In 1878, The New York Times ran... Read More

In 1994 an anti-gay religious organization, OnebyOne, was formed after an individual Presbyterian church and Presbyterian Renewal Ministries sponsored a conference called "The Path to Freedom: Exploring healing for the Homosexual." Their mission was to help heal the “sexual brokenness” caused by a life of homosexuality. Through pamphlets and booklets they work to help GLBT individuals abandon their orientation through conversion therapy. However, according to the AMA (American Medical Association) and the APA (American Psychiatric Association) conversion therapy is actually... Read More

My current occupation is working a medical library in Los Angeles. Wait, did she say medical library? Yes, to many people's surprise there are more than just the public and academic libraries and yes you need a Master's Degree to become a Librarian. Hair bun and glasses are optional, as well as the stereotypical shusshing. I have the later down but working towards that degree.

I am glad to be a part of this project that started Books with Out Borders as the Taliban had destroyed the Medical Library of the University of Kabul in Afghanistan.

Unlike the US and other technological... Read More

Reuters news service reported, on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, that a New York man filed a $1,000,000 lawsuit stating that he found a seven-inch knife in his foot-long Subway sandwich. John Agnesini, 27, a designer at Homo Xtra magazine in Midtown, had already started gobbling his "Cold Cut Trio" on June 27, when he spotted the blade inside his lunch. The designer was horrified to find the blade. "After taking a few bites I could tell something didn't taste right," he said, "Then I felt something hard on the bottom of the bread, I turned it over and could see the knife baked inside. He went on... Read More

If the President you trust, your elected official handed you a silver spoon with chocolate in it, but you found out later it was actually pudding mixed with feces. What would you do? Politics are messy and so are the lies often fed to us by our officials to justify certain legislative policies regarding price gouging of; mortgages, real estate, gas, oil and even food. Food, water and air, something all humans cannot live without. The question is, does any world government, financial institution or corporation have the right to monopolize or privatize these three things essential to our survival... Read More

We've all heard of the polygamist religious sects in Utah and Texas. They claimed freedom of religion. So, one wonders how far freedom of religion should extend. If nobody gets hurt, physically or emotionally, then what's the problem? Clearly the girls in Utah and Texas were being emotionally hurt, so that should not be allowed, however if they were having multiple adult, consenting, wives, it should have been left alone. If you are a ward of the state (which is a nice way of saying you're in jail) and you are Jewish, you are entitled to Kosher meals. If you are Muslim, you are entitled to... Read More

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