Monday, November 19, 2018

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After a year and a half of negotiations the U.S. Government and Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski of Poland signed an agreement allowing the United States to place a missile defense system in Poland.

Since the U.S. successfully tested (9/2007) its missile system, designed to counter a nuclear first strike capability, Russia has issued threats against its neighbors who might contemplate hosting this technology.

Last week Russia directly threatened Poland saying because it had accepted the missile defense shield its response would “go beyond diplomacy.” General Anatoly... Read More

In northern Iraq a 17 year old girl got hers. In love for the first time, she made the same mistake nearly all girls do….she liked a boy her Dad didn’t. A few calls were made and uncles joined her brothers and Dad as they dragged her outside. It took thirty minutes for eight or nine men, in front of a crowd,to throw enough stones at her head before she died.

Killing a person has not always been easy. Killing a LOT of people can be downright hard to do.

Prior to the 13th century if you wanted to off a political opponent, a neighbor, or your daughter’s prepubescent... Read More

It is not surprising that the omnipotent “Unity of All” campaign has reappeared. However, the past two years of silence from Satan and Death is surprising. Further, the dynamic leaders appear to have taken a grassroots approach that veers dramatically from the showy conventions of years past.

In front of Wal-Mart, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, I had the privilege to experience Satan and Death in action. Satan seemed very comfortable in the 90 degree heat as he passed out snake-logo balloons to shoppers. Gummy snake treats were tied to the ends of red ribbons: to... Read More

I’m on a roll, and I am not stopping for anybody! Georgia, Russia, who’s next? It pains me, when I try to bring it up in conversation, that people ask me, “Oh my, why are they attacking Georgia, and not New York?” There must be something chronically wrong with the American view, and I thought that some of us would pay a little more attention to our news stations from the recent hikes in the stock market, and the upcoming election… obviously not so much.

I want to ask, why does everyone come to ask us to interfere? Of course when we are... Read More

Besides the bombings of Georgia (the country, not the state), the Olympics in Beijing (filled with its own tales of murder, deception, and intrigue), the deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (whom will be missed by us all), another news story floats in the undercurrents and keeps getting more bizarre as the days goes on.

If you haven’t been keeping up, this story started as a simple parenting snatch and child grab and has spun into a tale of murder, money, and the multiple identities of a man born in Germany who has no knowledge of his past.

I can already hear the keyboards... Read More

By Amo

The article raised serious questions about Obama’s judgment and truthfulness, and his less then impressive record within the Senate.

There’s no doubt that Obama is an incredible orator and showman and not since President John F. Kennedy’s impassioned “Ask not what your country can do for you” speech, have I witnessed such an outpouring of devotion for a politician, and perhaps that’s the dilemma Obama finds himself in.

While his core base of black and predominately young liberal and affluent white voters are solidly behind Obama’s... Read More

Jimshanling to Simatai:2008

The Great Wall at Jinshanling is one of the older areas and not as tourist orientated as the other sections. Jinshanling is over three hours drive from Beijing, and this makes day trips not as easy, and the wall is very steep and not as easy to climb. It is mostly walked by westerners and backpackers carrying packs on their backs and is by far the most dramatic and most dangerous part of the wall.

We went to Jinshanling by Tour Bus, and walked to the cable car which then took us to a path where we had to walk upwards to the Great Wall and the first... Read More

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