Monday, June 18, 2018

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"i am always amazed at their certaintyabout the past how it could have beendifferent could have been turned aroundwith what ease they transport themselvesto another timeplace taking the comfortconfidence of an after dinner drink"

Irena Klepfisz

Several years ago a Museum was in need of help for creating and promoting a memorial for the 1.5 million children who perished during the Holocaust. I was asked at the time to creatively consult for the museum. While standing in the bookstore waiting to meet with the Curator, my curiosity was captured by a book titled I Never Saw Another... Read More

In America, we are obsessed with title, social status and material possessions, forever trying to keep up with the Trumps. Collecting as many, houses, cars and toys as possible. We somehow think that having money, power, a business title, fancy cars, houses and technology will make us immune to mother nature, but it is we who are humbled in the face of a natural disaster. When a Southern Category 3 Hurricane rolls through town, the rising flood waters cause you and everyone in the area to act quickly and prepare for the 175mph winds, winds so powerful it chips the paint off of houses. You race... Read More

After the election buttons and placards of the 2000 presidential contest had decomposed in the landfills of America, pollsters vigorously dissected the results to find a spoiler other than Bush, the recount or the Supreme Court decision. It was widely reported that Ralph Nader had siphoned off votes that would have given the Al Gore the presidency. 2,992,955 people voted for Nader. This is how the numbers would have broken down had he not been on the ballot.

1,326,159 (46%) would have picked Gore 893,716 (31%) would have sat out the election. 663,080 (23%) would have favored Bush.

... Read More

An advert for the carbonated soft drink Orangina is the subject of a scandal in the United Kingdom, after it was broadcasted only once on E4, a digital television channel, beginning of August. It is an animation and it lasts 60 long seconds. Oddly enough, the same advert, created by a french advertising agency, has been broadcasted since 2007 on French channels without any problem. What’s the deal then?

It appears that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has received 147 complaints on the day the advert was screened on E4, during the channel’s popular programme “How... Read More

In the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, Britain is under a socialist totalitarian regime the continuously invokes and creates a perpetual war. Not unlike how our U.S. Attorney General is requesting to declare a new global war. In the context of the story, the perpetual war is used as a pretext for subjecting the people to mass surveillance, similar to the new RFID chips for tracking humans and invasive police searches. During the process, the police state destroys not only literal freedom or expression of speech but also literal freedom of thought.When a government excercises repressive... Read More

After a year and a half of negotiations the U.S. Government and Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski of Poland signed an agreement allowing the United States to place a missile defense system in Poland.

Since the U.S. successfully tested (9/2007) its missile system, designed to counter a nuclear first strike capability, Russia has issued threats against its neighbors who might contemplate hosting this technology.

Last week Russia directly threatened Poland saying because it had accepted the missile defense shield its response would “go beyond diplomacy.” General Anatoly... Read More

In northern Iraq a 17 year old girl got hers. In love for the first time, she made the same mistake nearly all girls do….she liked a boy her Dad didn’t. A few calls were made and uncles joined her brothers and Dad as they dragged her outside. It took thirty minutes for eight or nine men, in front of a crowd,to throw enough stones at her head before she died.

Killing a person has not always been easy. Killing a LOT of people can be downright hard to do.

Prior to the 13th century if you wanted to off a political opponent, a neighbor, or your daughter’s prepubescent... Read More

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